The Defense of Amnytas Meta Event Guide

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The Defense of Amnytas Meta-Event

The Amnytas map meta event begins at the Bastion of the Natural Waypoint ‚ÄĒ¬†[&BDQOAAA=] and occurs every 2 hours¬†(at daily reset for reference).

There are SIX stages to this meta event:

  • Defeat the Tentacles of Nourys at each of the Bastions
  • Wait at the Bastion of the Natural then Take the Portal
  • Take out the Rifts in the Bastion of the Celestial
  • Attack Nourys
  • Spread Out to Summon the Guardians
  • Finish Nourys

Defeat the Tentacles of Nourys at Each of the Bastions

A Tentacle of Nourys will spawn at each of the Bastions around Amnytas. Travel to them and take out the Kryptis Champion before you can attack the Tentacle of Nourys. Use the Heart of the Obscure by interacting (F) and close the portal.

Wait at the Bastion of the Natural then Take the Portal

At the beginning of the map next to the Wizard’s Tower, some of your companions will group up and have a motivational speech. Afterwards a portal will open and bring you to the Bastion of the Celestial where players can split up between three Rifts. You can head to these locations prior to the portal opening, but you may miss out on the morale boost from the motivational speech.

Take out the Rifts in the Bastion of the Celestial

Spread out to the west, east, and south ends of the Bastion of the Celestial and close the rifts by killing the Champion Kryptis which will prevent you from attacking the Tentacle coming out of the Rift. Once the Champion and Tentacle have been defeated, use the Heart of the Obscure (F) to close the rift.

Attack Nourys

Arrive at the center of the World Spire using the portals from the Bastion of the Celestial. There are four Tentacles of Nourys that must be taken out. Some of them will be resistant to damage due to a Reinforced Armor buff. This can be removed by walking into the white circle around the Guardians which will grant you access to a special action key ability. Some of these abilities will remove Reinforced Armor.

Once the tentacles are defeated, move over towards Nourys at the north end of the platform. Stand in any Green Circles along the way, you’ll have plenty of time to hit the boss later. While doing damage to Nourys, avoid any giant balls of energy or laser beams by moving to the sides.

At 50% health, the boss will despawn and players on the platform will gain Growing Anxiety. To avoid dying to this, you need to evacuate the platform as soon as possible and make your way back to the outer ring.

Spread Out to Summon the Guardians

In the east, south, and west areas of the Bastion of the Celestial, players will need to help summon the Guardians. While summoning a guardian, players must defend their respective companion character from the Kryptis.

While defending from Kryptis, players must also collect power to support the summoning. This is done by riding through the orbs floating above the platform where everyone is defending from the Kryptis. You can also take the Skyscale Launcher to mount up while in combat and begin amassing power for the summoning. It is faster for everyone to switch between defending and collecting by mounting and demounting than to have two separate groups for each.

Finish Nourys

After all Rifts have been closed, take the portals that spawn at the cliffs of the Bastion which will bring you back to the main platform. Once again take out the tentacles and damage the main boss until it reaches zero health and the final phase triggers.

To unleash the finishing blow, Dagda must channel a massive spell. To do this she needs all of your energy. Follow her to the middle and get inside one of the circles surrounding her. While inside the circle you must copy Dagda’s movement using one of the five skills that replace your utility skills. Remembering which skill does what and recognizing the differences between each skill can take some getting used to (listed from left to right):

  1. Center Your Mind – kneel down on the ground
  2. Call Forth Magic – raise your hand up in front of you with straight posture
  3. Renew Focus – float and bow in meditation
  4. Envision the Stars – lean forward and reach with your arm stretched out
  5. Beckon the Skies – look upward and wave downward

After completing Dagda’s ritual, you must take out the Eyes of Nourys by using the Skyscale’s fireball attack. Mount up and shoot at the eyes until you finally defeat Nourys.

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