The Desolation Achievements Guide

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A guide to all the achievements in the Desolation map of Path of Fire.

General Achievements

Renowned Adventurer: The Desolation – 12 AP

For this 12 AP achievement you need to complete the five renown hearts around the Desolation.

  • Help Tariq weaken the garrison
  • Help Kisha Odili keep the village running
  • Help Dunkoro assist local ghosts
  • Help the Order of Shadows defend against the Forged
  • Help Drojkor, Spirit Squall, control jackals

Path of the Gods – 7 AP, 1 Mastery

Kneel at the statue of each human god.

Statue of Dwayna

Statue of Melandru

Statue of Lyssa

Statue of Grenth

Statue of Balthazar

Statue of Kormir

Statue of Abaddon

There is a hidden jackal sand portal behind one of the waterfalls that will lead you to the statue. Make sure to also /dance in front of the statue for another achievement.

Dance Till You Drop – 2 AP

Do /dance in front of the Abaddon statue for Path of the Gods for this achievement.

Jackal Reconnaissance – 5 AP, 1 Mastery

Letter from Drojkor: Obtained from Drojkor for completing the renown heart.

Djinn Palace Jackal Treat: After completing Drojkor’s renown heart, talk to him and pick the option Your letter mentioned urgent news. This will give you the treat and a couple other items.

Consecrated Jackal Treat/Sulfuric Sample: Go to Lair of the Forgotten waypoint first and talk to Aisha Jedgok next to the heart vendor, she will tell you to gather some sulfur samples.

You can find the Sulfur sample by interacting with some Bones in Acrid Springs. Hand them over to Jedgok for the treat.

Bonestrand Jackal Treat/Awakened Intel: Talk to Nori Mahat near the Village of Purity POI and he will send you to find Awakened Intel.

You will be able to find the Awakened Intel right by Chukeht Overlook POI under a tent. Return to Nori Mahat for the treat.

Order of Shadow Jackal Treat/Pristine Piece of Forged Armor: Talk to Ahel Nakat near The Darklands waypoint and he will send you looking for a Pristine Piece of Forged Armor.

In the center of The Ruptured Heart, you will find a Forged Scrap Metal not too far from the Mouth of Torment hero challenge. Grab it and return to Ahel to finish the achievement.

Honoring the Fallen – 5 AP, 1 Mastery

Go to Mastery icon near Sandstrewn Shrine POI and type /bow at the location in the screenshot. This will summon First Spear Dehvad. He wants you to kill three types of enemies until you get a drop from each of them. The drops can be quite rare and you may need to kill lots of enemies to get a drop.

  • Pristine Awakened Emblem – Drops from any type of Awakened enemy. You can find tons around The Scourgeway waypoint.
  • Pristine Skree Harpy Feather – Drops from the harpies around Sulfur Quarry
  • Pristine Devourer Fang – Drops from the devours just south of Lair of the Forgotten waypoint.

Once you have all three items, return to First Spear Dehvad to complete the achievement.

Full Rebel Assault – 5 AP

This achievement involves a chain of events surrounding Bonestrand Garrison just SW Bonestrand Waypoint. There might be pre-events that trigger this event but the event you are looking for is Defend the captive villagers from the Awakened until Zuri returns with weapons. This event last for 5 mins right at Bonestrand Garrison and you must keep alive the four villagers (Amar, Farrah, Malik, Amadi) for 5 minutes before Zuri returns.

Once that event is done, there will be a bit of dialogue and the next event follows is Escort Zuri to the clanmarshal’s pergola where you need to escort the four villagers you just saved to the Clanmarshal’s Pergola POI from Bonestrand Garrison. Keep the four villagers alive during the escort and the achievement will pop up once they arrive the gate to the Pergola.

Junundu Whisperer – 5 AP

East of the Shattered Ravines is the Junundu Rising meta. In the meta is an event to collect Sulfur crystals for three NPCs for their junundu lure. Each lure successfully filled full with sulfur crystals will give rise to a junundu wurm. If you manage to have enough people to do the event to complete all three lures, the wurms will summon their friends and double their number to six.

Getting all six wurms is only first part of the achievement. You also need to keep all six alive as they take down Fort Huduh and the Forged Firebase for the next part of the meta. If you have enough people to summon six wurms then you should have no problem keeping them alive. Once the Forged Firebase is destroyed, you will get your achievement.

Bone Palace Pinnacle – 5 AP

There are two ways to reach the top of the Bone Palace depending on if you have the griffon mount or not. If there is a green bubble around the Bone Palace, you will need to kill the Canid Throneguard inside the palace or you will get kicked out if you touch the Bone Palace when you reach some of the higher parts.

If you have the griffon mount, you can simply fly from the top of the Djinn enclave (remember to take the stairs to the top of the enclave so you have enough height) to the slanted support beams near the top of the Bone Palace, which would allow you to skip most of the jumping.

If you don’t have the griffon mount, then you need to use your springer and follow the video below to get up.

The Throne of Bones – 2 AP

Only thing you need to be aware of for this achievement is that if you see a green bubble surrounding the palace, you need to go and kill the Canid Throneguard from the side entrances. If you don’t see an event to kill him, it means that he despawned and you need to wait or switch to another map.

Once you make it to the palace, jump on Joko’s throne and type /sit for the achievement.

Joko’s Hidden Chamber – 2 AP

To gain access to Joko’s hidden chamber, you will need to do a chain of events that start at Lair of the Forgotten waypoint with two girl ghosts Meymo and Kyrisah. The sequence of events is Collect relics for Meymo and Kyrisah –> Help Kyrisah and Meymo locate the lost key –> Help Buuran investigate the mysterious gate. Buuran will unlock the gate for you to the Forbidden Vault POI once you safely escorted him to the entrance.

  • Don’t forget to talk to the NPC for A Family’s Sacrifice as well since it can be a pain to get back here again.

A Family’s Sacrifice – 3 AP

Go to the Sulfur Quarry first and interact with an Awakened Corpse inside one of the tubes.

Next go to the Forbidden Vault/Joko’s Hidden Chamber and talk this Betrothed Villager until you can mention to her about the note you found on the corpse.

For the last step, go to Elon Riverlands and talk to Defector Basma to complete the achievement.

A Soaring Strench – 3 AP

There are two methods to reach this spot. You can either use springer + glider which is a bit trickier or just fly straight to here with the griffon mount. See video for both.

Race to the Finish: the Desolation – 1 AP

The race starts at Sand Jackal Run waypoint and you need to place in the top 3 for the achievement which should be pretty easy given not many players do the race on this map.

Order of Shadow Achievements

Shadow of a Shadow – 10 AP, Shadow of a Shadow Title

This is sort of a meta achievement requiring you to complete all six Order of Shadow achievements listed below . One of the achievements is a collectible and another one can take a while to finish. You do get a title for completing it.

  • Shadow Patroller
  • A Redeemer’s Friend
  • Sulfur Shooter
  • Shadows Provisions (found in the collectibles section of the guide)
  • Shadow Sprinter
  • Realm-Portal Spiker

Sulfur Shooter – 5 AP, 1 Mastery

Go to Creator Jadi in the Chantry of Shadows near The Darklands waypoint and talk to him to get a sulfur shooter.

Now go south and find the following victims to test your shooter on. If you get downed you will lose your shooter and have to go back to Jadi to get another one.

  • Forged Soldier
  • Forged Weaponeer
  • Forged Scavenger
  • Forged War Mage
  • Forged Sharpshooter
  • Forged Shieldbearer
  • Forged Forerunner
  • Forged Hookhead

Now if you head towards Ruptured Heart, you will find plenty of forged and there is a variety of them doing patrol so you should complete it fairly quick.

Realm-Portal Spiker – 10 AP

This is the achievement that takes the longest to do since it involves the Maws of Torment meta and you have a very limited time to act during the meta. It may take you as much as 20-25 Maws of the Torment meta runs to complete this but luckily failed metas work for this as well.

During the start of Maws of Torment meta, you will need to escort three shadow demolitionist to the gates at North, West and East. Once they reach the gate, it starts an event to destroy the realm portal. As you kill Forged enemies nearby with Realm in their names, they will drop off Realm Residues. You want to pick those up and run up to a barrel called Portal Spike and interact with it to combine the Portal Spikes with your Realm Residue. After you done that, you can run up to the portal and press F to spike portal (or whatever you interact key is bound to). Do this 100 times for the achievement. You can usually do this about ~ 5 times per meta before the portal get destroyed or the meta fails due to lack of time.

  • Note that once you press F, it counts for the achievement so you can interrupt the channel with weapon swap and pick up another Realm Residue for faster progress.

Shadow Sprinter – 8 AP

You need to gather 100 Order of Shadow seals for this achievement. There are two kinds of main events that give you Order of Shadow Seals: Collect intel reports from shadows dead drops and Help the Shadows handler deliver field reports to the watchers. The field report delivery event follows immediately after collecting Intel reports and rewards way more seals than the first event which rewards only one.

There are three good places for the events: Joko’s Domain Waypoint, The Scourgeway Waypoint and West of Bonestrand Garrison. For these events you need to talk to the Shadow Handler first (marked by a circle event icon or a hand icon depending on the event). You will want to hop between these locations since there is a few mins delay after the second event is finished for the event cycle to start again.

Collect intel reports from shadows dead drops: This event is the one you don’t want to get scaled up. You need to collect 10 dead drops in the marked area if the event is not scaled but if the event is scaled, you need to collect much more. Regardless of how many you need to collect, you only get 1 Order of Shadow Seal for completion.

Help the Shadows handler deliver field reports to the watchers: This is the event you want to get scaled up but at the same time you don’t want too many players doing it as doing so can finish the event quicker. This is the event to get your order of shadow seals since each time you deliver a field report to a watcher, you get a seal. If the event get scaled up you can get ~15 seals per event. Joko’s Domain Waypoint is a good spot for this event since there are usually a bunch of players around that scale up the event.

Shadow Patroller – 3 AP

This achievement specifically involves Redeemer Kossan’s patrol event which starts near The Darklands waypoint near the renown heart vendor on a regular interval (~5-10 minutes) and goes in a circular path around the area near it. (Patrol the area near the Mouth of Torment with Redeemer Kossan). You have to do this event three times to complete the Shadow Patroller achievement and unlock the next achievement, a Redeemer’s Friend.

A Redeemer’s Friend – 5 AP

Pretty easy achievement, after Redeemer Kossan event is finished and he goes back to talk to Keeper Pamir, the renown heart vendor, listen to the full conversation and then talk to Redeemer Kossan after about the conversation. Keep going through the conversation until you get the achievement.


Acrid Springs Recovery – 5 AP

Shadow Provisions – 5 AP

Cleansing Tormented Remnants – 5 AP

Lost Lore of Desolation – 3 AP, 1 Mastery

Bounties and Adventures

The Desolation Bounty Tour – 5 AP

There are three Bounty Boards in the Desolation. Do a bounty from each board for the achievement.

  • Kormir Bounty Board
  • Lair Bounty Board
  • Shadows Bounty Board

The Desolation Legendary Bounties– 6 AP

For this achievement you need to hunt down the three legendary bounties in the area

  • Queen Ishraa – Lair Bounty Board
  • Forged Rampager – Shadows Bounty Board
  • Awakened Hoarder – Kormir Bounty Board

The Desolation Champion Bounties– 10 AP

Much like other maps, each bounty board has a specific set of champion bounties.

  • Kormir Bounty Board – Perturbed Choya, Ley-Charged Ooze, Zawadi the Turncoat, Muckstalker, Awakened Abhorrence
  • Lair Bounty Board – Aszar, Swinging Pendulum, Monifa the Wrathful, Crackedhoof, King Jahnus, Necrophage
  • Shadows Bounty Board – Sulfurscale, Xadd Honn Tarr, Thrash Tailclobber, Forged Proliferator, Forged Lieutenant.

Shadow Intel – 3 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, Gold = 2 AP

Pretty easy adventure with plenty of time to spare for gold  (4:30). There are jackal portals around some of the supply locations you can use as a shortcut to reach the supplies quicker instead of wasting time with the springer jump.

Desolation Griffon Expert – 3 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, Gold = 2 AP

Pretty time lenient in getting gold. Only thing you need to watch out for are the sharp turns.

Desolation Griffon Master – 5 AP

  • Silver = 2 AP, Gold = 3 AP

The start is a bit rough and the path you take at the start can determine your overall time as there isn’t as much adjustments/shortcuts later on. Use the jackal portal to get up to the adventure start.

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