The Royal Blades – GuildJen’s Community Guild

GW2. The Royal Blades Guild Wars 2 Community Guild.

Hello! This is an annoucement and an invitation for The Royal Blades a new Guild Wars 2 Community Guild.

Many players asked me about a guild, so I decided to make a new one which will be our community guild. New and Veteran players are welcome. There are no requirements, and the rules are to have fun and be respectful.

The guild objective is to have players who want to socialize, or help each other (but don’t expect to be carried whenever you want). With alliances coming out we can be on the same WvW team.

Currently the guild is only focusing on World vs World roaming in the same server with small groups.

Be aware, currently most guild activities are only NA because it’s my region.

However the guild will welcome EU players as well to socialize and hang out.

If interested mail me in-game Jen.6021 for invite.

Next you can see a video with our guild claiming the Canthan Guild Hall, the Isle of Reflection 😀

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