Condition Berserker PvP Build

GW2. Condition Berserker PvP Build. Warrior 2022.

The Condition Berserker is a Duelist with the potential to do great damage in team fights as well as lock down single targets while they burn from detonating fire auras from the King of Fires trait. The fire auras gained from leap finishers such as Sw2 and Sh4 used in the fire field from Torch 5 can be detonated for more burn damage when using a berserker skill (Wild Blow, F1 while in Berserk Mode).

Basic Combo: Torch 5 > Sword 2 > Torch 4 (or Wild Blow) > Swap > Shield 4 > Headbutt

Berserk Mode > Mace F1 > Mace 2 2 > Swap > Sword F1 > 111 > Sword F1 > Swap > Mace 2 2 > Mace F1



Last Update: Oct 4


Sword / TorchHeal / Utility / Elite
Mace / Shield


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  1. There usaed to be a build i used to have (recently returned, has it on my Berserker) with mace/torch, longbow… is that one dead or can the LB be used in this one here?

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