Condition Berserker PvP Build

GW2. Condition Berserker PvP Build. Warrior.

Last Update: December 2023

The Condition Berserker is a Duelist with the added potential to do great damage in team fights with the Longbow fire fields as well as lock down single targets while they burn. Reflecting projectiles with the Mace 2 and Sword 5 and even the Shattering Blow/Sundering Leap due to the Shield Master trait can allow counter pressure against ranged classes while you advance towards them. Try to land your Mace F1 in Berserk Mode because it is your highest burst skill, but enemies will most likely want to dodge this, so bait out cooldowns and dodges first.

Basic Combo: Sword 4 > Sundering Leap > Headbutt > Enter Berserk Mode (or Shattering Blow if Headbutt missed) > Mace F1 > Mace 2 x2 > Swap > Longbow 2 > Longbow F1 > 4 > 3 > 2 > Swap

Always swap between your weapons as soon as you can for more adrenaline and to use the burst skills while in Berserk Mode. Use the Rage utilities or double cast the blocks on Sword 5/Mace 2 for enough adrenaline to keep pumping out the Primal Bursts.



LongbowHeal / Utility / Elite
Mace / Sword


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  1. There usaed to be a build i used to have (recently returned, has it on my Berserker) with mace/torch, longbow… is that one dead or can the LB be used in this one here?

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