Condition Harbinger PvP Build

GW2. Condition Harbinger PvP Build. DPS Necromancer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Condition Harbinger is a DPS necromancer PvP build that can burst enemies with quickness and corruption for massive condition damage. It can sustain itself through elixirs and being slippery despite being much more susceptible to burst than other necromancer builds.

Your highest damage comes from your Shroud abilities, but a decision must be made whether to use the mobility of Shroud 3/4 to engage on enemies or to create space and kite. This depends on the relative danger of the situation, but you can always spam the Shroud 1/2 if you are unsure if you need to use the other skills yet.

In slower fights use every weapon ability on both sets before entering Shroud to get value on their cooldowns recharging while in Shroud, but you also want to use Shroud as soon as possible because it is so powerful. If the pace of the fight is much faster you can use the more powerful Pistol 2/3 and then go right into Shroud,

Basic Rotations:

  • Staff 2/3/4/5 > Pistol 2/3 > Warhorn 4/5 > Enter Shroud
  • Shroud 2 > Shroud 111 > 3 > 5 > 111 > 4 > Leave Shroud
  • Pistol 2/3 > Staff 2/3 > Enter Shroud

Using the Spectral Walk and Flesh Wurm properly are key to survival. Place the Flesh Wurm preemptively in a safe spot before any fight, typically where an enemy can’t easily see and kill it. Save it for your last resort. Use Spectral Walk first when under pressure and create distance from your original location you use the Spectral Walk at. If you don’t shake off the pressure within 10 seconds, recast it to port back to the original location. Prefer to use this in hard to reach locations or on terrain so that you create even more distance when you use it.



CarrionPistol / WarhornMisery/Exposure

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