Condition P/P Daredevil PvP Build

GW2. Condition P/P Daredevil PvP Build. Duelist Thief PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Condition P/P Daredevil is a Duelist thief PvP build that uses the Bound dodge leap finisher with the Black Powder smoke field to easily and reliably gain stealth to activate the sneak shot for bleeding damage and overwhelming amounts of blind. The sneak shot is also a series of five projectile finishers, so if you can aim it through the black powder it will provide even more blinds which will also steal life due to the Shadow Arts traits.

Basic Combo:

  • Pistol 5 > Dodge > Pistol 1 > 4 > Pistol 5 > Dodge > Pistol 1 > 4

Time your Pistol 4 to interrupt key skills like heals or cleanses to pressure even harder. Disables will also poison the target due to the Demon Queen relic. The build does not have good burst so it can’t kill opponents without them seeing it coming ahead of time, but you can be annoying with stealth to make it hard for them to interact with you. When high on initiative but low on dodges, or for AoE damage, swap to shortbow

  • Shortbow 4 > 2 > 111

While this build can work for a roamer-oriented role, the damage is more predictable and counterplayable because it is telegraphed by the same stealth combo into projectiles. This makes it less effective than a power build, but can still take on 1v1s because of how much blind and disruption it has to neutralize any counterpressure. However, you will struggle to hold capture nodes because of how much stealth application is required to play the build. Focus on pressuring 1v1s over capturing nodes because of this.



Demon Queen

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  1. How do you know that rune of aristocracy grants might when you apply weakness? and where can I find information like that about other runes and equipement? Thanks.

    • Sorry that’s not the case anymore, with the latest rework to runes that doesn’t happen anymore, I forgot to update the text to reflect that.

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