Condition Reaper PvP Build

GW2. Condition Reaper PvP Build. DPS Necromancer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Condition Reaper is a DPS necromancer PvP build with heavy sustained pressure through condition damage, corruption, and the two most debilitating conditions: weakness and chill. It also applies bleeding when chilling enemies, and chill when fearing enemies. It can be very susceptible to focus due to its low mobility and lack of self healing, so staying with your support and team is necessary for surviving long enough to get out your damage.

Shroud 2 corrupts boons on a low cooldown, making it a high priority skill if you can afford to go into risky positioning. Try to save this skill for after an enemy dodges away to close the gap and have a higher chance to land. Avoid leaving Shroud when in melee range unless you are safe. Stay in Shroud long enough to use Shroud 2 again without a target to create distance when in potential danger to get to a safe location when leaving Shroud.

Basic Rotation:

  • Staff 2/3/5
  • Pistol 3 > Torch 5 > Pistol 2 > Torch 4 > Enter Shroud
  • Shroud 2 > 3 (Fear) > 5 > 4 > 2

Using Spectral Walk properly is key to surviving pressure, especially because it is the only stun break (take Flesh Wurm if needed). If used too early, Spectral Walk will run out before you really need to cast the return. If used too late, you won’t get much distance to shake off the pressure. Ideally you want to use Spectral Walk as soon as you are under pressure, but use your dodges shortly after and Shroud to counter pressure enemies while creating distance from your original location. After 10 seconds it will run out, so try to port back before then.



CarrionPistol / TorchDoom/Exposure

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  1. Can we have a replacement for {Pistol / Torch} for people who don’t have SoTo Expansion?

    • I saw that ppl using instead pistol/torch scepter and focus, maybe it’s working well

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