Condition Reaper PvP Build

GW2. Condition Reaper PvP Build. Necromancer.

Last Update: November 2023

The Condition Reaper is a DPS with heavy sustained pressure through condition damage, corruption, and the two most debilitating conditions: weakness and chill. It also applies bleeding when chilling enemies, and chill when fearing enemies. It can be very susceptible to focus due to its low mobility and lack of self healing, so staying with your support and team is necessary for surviving long enough to get out your damage. Shroud 2 corrupts boons on a low cooldown, making it a high priority skill if you can afford to go into risky positioning.

Basic Rotation: Staff 2/3/5 > Swap > Pistol 3 > Torch 5 > Pistol 2 > Torch 4 > Enter Shroud > 2 > 3 (Fear) > 5 > 4 > 2



CarrionPistol / TorchDoom/Exposure

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