Condition Untamed PvP Build

GW2. Condition Untamed PvP Build. Ranger.

Last Update: December 2023

The Condition Untamed is a tanky Duelist ranger build for PvP which has plenty of mobility to control the map while holding nodes as a bunker. Using the Staff as a defensive weapon and Daggers for more offense, the Condition Untamed can pressure enemies off of nodes in 1v1s but also survive being outnumbered when contesting objectives, Swapping between unleashing the pet for more damage reduction or unleashing the ranger for more damage allows you to be very versatile.

Swapping weapons will trigger recharge your Untamed Ambush skills (weapon 1) which in Staff creates a massive pulsing area of effect for protection and blind, or in Dagger that ports to your target and blasts them with conditions. Make sure your character is unleashed to enable these powerful ambushes.

Basic Combos:

Unleash Pet > F1/F2/F3 > Unleash Ranger > Dagger Ambush (1) > Dagger 5 > 3 > 2 > 4 > Swap > Staff Ambush

Use the Smokescale F2 for a smoke field or the Staff 5 for a water field and blast/leap finisher in those fields to get stealth or extra healing from the Dagger 3 or Staff 3.

The Siege Turtle F2 creates a dome that grants protection and a projectile blocking field, and the Staff 5 and Pet Unleashed F3 also will block projectiles.



Smokescale / Siege Turtle

SageDagger / DaggerEnergy/Cleansing

Alternatively use Sword/Warhorn or Torch instead of Staff for a more aggressive playstyle

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  1. Could we use Mainhand Axe? I struggle with Melee weapons. Also, there’s an offhand dagger nerf coming. Would you stick with dagger offhand or recommend another weapon? Thanks.

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