Condition Virtuoso PvP Build

GW2. Condition Virtuoso PvP Build. Mesmer.

Last Update: September 2023

The Condition Virtuoso is a Roamer mesmer build that deals heavy burst damage when landing the Bladesong Sorrow (F2) due to many traits modifying that skill to give many conditions. Prioritize landing the F2 because it is your highest damaging skill, but try to focus the same target as your team because your burst is not enough to kill someone alone.

Dodging grants two blades due to traits, and evading or blocking an attack grants another two blades. So it is possible to gain 4 blades from one dodge. Dodging also gives a buff to make your next bladesong shatter unblockable. This is important to make sure your shatters ignore projectile reflects and to hit enemies through block since your burst has a decent cooldown. You need it to land.

Dagger skills will cause bleeding so they deal the most damage over time. Pressure out cooldowns with the auto attack in between your bursts.

Basic Combo: F2 > Pistol 4 > 5 > Dagger 3 > 2

Use Axe/Torch as your mobility weapon set for setting up the burst with Stealth to hide the animation of your F2, and the Axe 3 can help you to get closer so enemies can’t line of sight your projectiles.


60 %


WizardDagger / PistolEnergy/Cleansing
TravelerAxe / TorchEnergy/Cleansing

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  1. Am I missing something?

    Axe requires Mirage elite specialization and Dagger requires Mirage elite specialization, you can’t have both at the same time?!

    In the Youtube VOD they are playing Sword/Torch, not Axe/Torch.

    • SotO expansion unlocks weaponmaster mastery, which allows to play any spec. weapon on any other spec. (or core) of the same profession. If you don’t have it you can play sword like in the youtube.

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