Core Condition Thief PvP Build

GW2. Core Condition Thief PvP Build. 2023.

The Core Condition Thief is a Roamer with good single target burst and pressure from ranged. It may not be as fast as other thief roamer builds, but it can 1v1 quite well and is simple to play, making it less reliant on rotational decisions.

Any of your utilities can be used to gain stealth to use the Sneak Shot, whether it is through directly giving you stealth, or porting you toward the target for you to use Cloak and Dagger 5 to gain stealth.

Basic Combos: F1 > Dagger 5 > Pistol 1 > Pistol 3 3 3

Shortbow 4 > Shortbow 111


30 %

Last Update: Jan 2023



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