Decapture Druid PvP Build

GW2. Decapture Druid PvP Build. Ranger 2022.

The Decapture Druid is a Duelist with an unconventional win condition. They don’t try to win their 1v1s, but knock the enemy off the node and immobilize them until they can fully capture the node, then hold the node as long as they can to gain points.

The Quick Draw trait lowers the cooldown of your next weapon skill after weapon swapping, allowing the use of two knockbacks on the longbow or two blocks on the greatsword within a short time. This lets them handle situations by choosing their solution to it.

Decapturing Nodes: Longbow 4, Entangle, Jacaranda F2, Glyph of Tides

Surviving: Greatsword 4, Greatsword 3 (inside Healing Spring), “Protect Me”, Lightning Reflexes, Celestial Avatar



Last Update: Feb 21



Amulet: Avatar

Longbow (Energy/Revocation)

Rune: Dolyak

Greatsword (Energy/Intelligence)

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      • Vallun! I love your vids your my fav on gw2!!! thanks for the great builds i have a blast with them. with your knowledge and skill i finally went into ranked all confident! 🙂

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