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“What Lies Within” Part 2

23 May, 2023 All day

The next update for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons arrives on May 23, concluding the story that began earlier this year in “What Lies Beneath.” Together with your allies, you’ll tackle new story chapters and a new capstone encounter for the Gyala Delve meta-event that will have your squad breaking through an old tunnel to the surface to put an end to the demons of the depths.

Once the danger has been cleared out of Gyala Delve, the map will enter a more peaceful state fit for exploring. Several new adventures will become available, including our first cooperative adventure featuring the siege turtle. Earlier Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons maps will share in the updates, with new siege turtle, jade bot, and skiff adventures. You’ll also start running into oni in the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons maps—stalking from the shadows to strike unsuspecting adventurers.

Alongside the new content, we’ve got a plethora of new rewards to pursue. In addition to a bevy of treasure chests and achievements awaiting your triumph in Gyala Delve, new collections will put you on the road to unlocking a new set of armor skins fit for braving Cantha’s dangers, and there will be new weapon skins and unique weapons to earn as well.

This release will be the last story update in the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons release cycle. Keep an eye out for hints toward the future, and look forward to the upcoming fractal where you can peer further into the shadows under the Jade Sea.

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