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World vs. World Rewards Update

As part of our focus on core game modes, we’ll be releasing another round of World vs. World improvements, including the addition of a new infusion and weapon set and new ways to spend your unused Skirmish Claim Tickets and… Continue Reading

Dragon Bash Festival 2023

The annual celebration of our penchant for dragon slaying, the Dragon Bash festival, returns to Tyria on June 6! Check the complete guide here: Dragon Bash Festival Achievements Guide

Cantha-Themed Fractal Dungeon

New Fractals of the Mists content is just around the corner, but you’re going to need to wait a little bit longer to hear the juicy details. However, we did want to share a quick note on how we’re approaching… Continue Reading

Profession Balance Update

As for the balance update, here’s what we’re looking to address: We’re excited to see what new builds get unearthed after the update goes live!