Power Ambush Mirage PvP Build

GW2. Power Ambush Mirage PvP Build. Mesmer.

Last Update: September 2023

Inspiration Variant

The Power Ambush Mirage is a Roamer mesmer build with the ability to do massive AoE damage great for being a team fighting DPS. Because of Desert Distortion, any of the signets will enable ambush attacks and the greatsword ambush ability Split Surge is the main source of damage. With high clone generation and Infinite Horizon, you’ll want to rotate through dodges and distortion to keep landing ambushes when you have clones, and then shattering those clones when out of ways to trigger ambushes.

Basic Combos: Greatsword 4 > Greatsword 2 > Dodge > Ambush 1 > F3 > Pistol 4 > Sword 3 x2 > Dodge > Ambush 1 > Pistol 5 > Sword 111 > F1

Pistol 4 > Pistol 5 > Dodge > Ambush 1 > Sword 2 > Sword 3 x2 > Swap > Greatsword 2 > Jaunt + Dodge > GS 3 > F1 > Ambush 1





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Domination Variant

With Domination traits, this build has a lot less survivability and condition cleanse, but it is much more synergy with the many dazes from the Sword Ambush with Power Block and damage synergy with Vulnerability on Greatsword Ambushes to provide more pressure and lockdown to the target.



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  1. Why do you have Feedback selected under Inspiration, but you don’t have the skill Feedback selected on your utility bar?

  2. Power mesmer has weaknesses ofc, but imo you shouldn’t cover them if we can play it at its full potential. I think it’s better to build it into glass cannon with some stealth, the mobility is there. Also the combos doesn’t fit with the power mesmer style. You basically shatter after gs2/3 better in melee range.

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