Power Bladesworn PvP Build

GW2. Power Bladesworn PvP Build. Duelist Warrior PvP. DPS Warrior PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Bladesworn is a DPS warrior PvP build that generates might from Dragon Trigger (F2) for increased damage and to gain plenty of sustain to survive in team fights.

Defense traits offer cleansing on your Dragon Slash (F2) which is your main burst enabler because when using the Boost (2) it can dash you into range to land your other burst skills. However, the Reach (3) in Dragon Trigger can be harder for enemies to dodge and will more likely trigger your Adrenal Health and Cleansing Ire on landing burst skills for sustain.

Despite having high sustain, you are still relatively squishy because of a susceptibility to CC and focus fire. Try to use the Pistol 4 and Gunblade 4 to gain Aegis, while using the Gunblade 5 without a target to reposition in between bursts. Aegis will also reflect projectiles due to the Shield Master trait.

Burst Combos

  • Axe 3 > Pistol 4/5 > Axe 2
  • Gunblade 5 > 3 > 2 > 4
  • Dragon Trigger > 5 (port for line of sight) > Dragon Slash: Boost (2) > Gunblade 3 > 4

Explosives such as Pistol 5 or any Gunblade ability will grant a ferocity buff when they hit enemies. This makes the Pistol 5 one of the best skills to land due to it maximizing the duration of the damage modifier. It can be a bit hard to land the Pistol 5 due to it being mostly melee range with no CC enabling it. Either use it defensively or wait for the enemy to dodge before using it.

Dragon Slash is immune to blind and blocks so it is a great offensive tool. However, it can also be used to survive being focused by detargeting and creating distance away from your target instead of advancing towards them.





  • Weapon: Shield/Warhorn work for more defensive playstyles

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  1. For burst combo it says Axe 3 > Pistol 4 > Pistol 5 > Axe 2, why not Axe 3 > Pistol 5 > Pistol 4 > Pistol 5 > Axe 2, is that a loss of damage?

    • Pistol 5 is a self knockback and pistol 4 is a small charge. The combo should be pistol 5 > pistol 4, because then you are in range to use Axe 2.

      If you do pistol 4 > pistol 5 then you will most likely be out of range of axe 2.

      The video probably shows the correct combo

  2. Without stun on dragon slash and with such a long cast it’s become unplayable VS skilled enemies.

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