Power Virtuoso PvP Build

GW2. Power Virtuoso PvP Build. Mesmer.

Last Update: December 2023

The Power Virtuoso is a DPS mesmer PvP build with plenty of ranged damage to keep constant pressure in team fights. High Quickness and Fury uptime means using the Dagger auto attack can add up fast. Your shatter bladesongs can become unblockable after dodging so try to dodge before using them when facing projectile blocks.

Main Opener: Pistol 4 > 5 > Dagger 3 > 2 (moving in closer to use the dagger 2 in melee range)

Sword and Shield can be used as your defensive set as well as for mobility since the sword 3 skill as a virtuoso does not need a target to leap, but it can also do a good amount of damage if the leap hits your target.

Use F4 Distortion to allow you to freely cast your rotation while invulnerable. Time Warp is great for placing on top of team fights to grant quickness/superspeed to allies and slow/chill to enemies.




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  1. Is the only way to cleanse now sigil’s? with the 2 1/4 second cast time on mantra its so easy to interupt the first cast, or you waste the biggest cleanse to give a quick instant cleanse.

  2. really enjoy this build in spvp so far. can i run this in WvW too? if so, should i go cele or berserker?

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