Power Hammer Catalyst PvP Build

GW2. Power Hammer Catalyst PvP Build. Duelist Elementalist PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

Fire Variant

The Power Hammer Catalyst is a heavy damage-oriented power Duelist elementalist PvP build with access to stability to stay on its targets and to land its many animations. It uses the Jade Sphere fields to combo with and to support its allies in big fights, giving protection, quickness, resistance, regeneration, and might.

Maintaining the hammer orbs (3) can add damage and prevent pressure with the conditions each attunement’s orbs will apply such as weakness from earth and burning from fire. Staying in melee range to interact with these orbs makes a huge difference in your presence, but can only be maintained momentarily.

Basic Rotation:

  • Fire 3 > 4 > 2 > Swap Earth
  • Earth 4 > 3 > Earth Jade Sphere > 5 > 2 > Swap Air
  • Air 3 > 4 > Grand Finale > Air 2
  • Air Jade Sphere > 3 > 4 > 5 > Swap Fire
  • Fire 3 > 4 > 2 > Swap Air
  • Air 2

Heal Combo:

  • Water Jade Sphere > 5 > 4 > Swap Earth
  • Earth Dodge > 5 > Swap Fire
  • Fire 5

Use Elemental Celerity to double up on water 4/5 sustain, more damage in Fire with 2/4, or more CC and burst in Air with 4/5/2.

After using the Grand Finale (3) which shoots your orbs at the end of your rotation, using the Air 2 or Fire 4 are preferred because these have more freedom of movement and allow you to keep distance while waiting for your next engage with the hammer orbs.




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Air Variant

With the use of Fresh Air, the normally slow hammer playstyle can chase with superspeed and quickness to play a more aggressive role that can secure kills off node.



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  1. So far it’s been kinda clunky. I’m not seeing any improvement over something like the FIre Weaver spec. I’ll have to try a support build and see if that works.

  2. In the combos you have “Air Jade Sphere > 3 > 4 > 5 > Swap Fire > 3 > 4 > 2 > Swap Air > 2”. How can you go back to air from fire that fast the last time? Don’t you have a 8 sec cd since you are coming from air?

  3. Really enjoying this build in wvw, but really losing alot of fights in PVP, i win like roughly 25% of the duels only. Still believing and enjoying the build but struggling too hard. Doing a little better with earth trait instead of air, along with the signet trait, sage amulet instead of marauder. In my pov it looks a better combination alot more sustain and condition dmg at the cost of sharper strikes.., correct me if im wrong, im kinda losing hope in my spent experience so far 😀

    • Earth replacement of arcane* is what i meant so i run fire, earth, cata.

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