Power Willbender PvP Build

GW2. Power Willbender PvP Build. Guardian.

Last Update: September 2023

Greatsword Variant

The Greatsword Willbender is a Roamer guardian build that relies on ports and dashes to engage and disengage fights while fitting in its burst damage during those short windows of time.

The greatsword variant has higher mobility to keep up the pressure on the target but lacks CC to stay on that target if they happen to be faster.

Basic Combos: Sword 2 > 3 > 5 > F1 > Whirling Light > 4 + Judges Intervention > Swap > Greatsword 2 > 3

F3 > Greatsword 5 > 4 > GS 5 Pull > 2 > F1 > 3




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Hammer Variant

By dropping Greatsword, you lose some mobility, but gain a lot more CC and despite Hammer being slow and with usually hard to land skills, the Willbender virtues allow for more mobility to get into range.

Basic Combos: Judges Intervention + Hammer 5 > F1 > Hammer 2 > Whirling Light > Swap > Sword 2 > 3 > 4

Sword 2 > Sword 5 > F1 > Whirling Light > Swap > Hammer 3 > Hammer 2

Hammer 4 > F3 > Swap > Sword 4



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  1. For the healing skill,i d’like to recommend the “Reversal of Fortune”

  2. Could work the second build with gs? I mean valor trait instead virtues

  3. I noticed you put marauder gear on a lot of the more bursty power builds. Do you believe it to be better than berserker amulet? Or do you recommend berserker when you get better at the class? As long as you dodge and play your outs correctly that is.

    • if a build doesn’t have much vitality or innate defenses, going berserk amulet just means anything can one shot you, no matter how much damage you do this limits the places you can go and what you can do because everything is so risky, putting on marauder in those cases allows you to overextend to help your team. If you think you can survive without the extra vitality then so be it, but having more vitality in some cases allows you to do more damage because you can actually go in.

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