Remorseless Druid PvP Build

GW2. Remorseless Druid PvP Build. Ranger.

Last Update: September 2023

The Remorseless Druid is a Roamer ranger build that uses the Moment of Clarity trait to extend the duration of its dazes and stuns along with immobilize and lock down enemies for their pet and greatsword burst combos.

While being quite squishy, the build has many ways to escape or to disable enemies. This makes it more potent in small scale fights, but it can still support allies minimally if the situation arises.

Healing Combos: Staff 3 + Staff 5, Glyph of the Stars.

“We Heal As One!” + Pet Swap = longer quickness duration to spam Staff 1

Burst Combo: Staff 4 > Send Smokescale in F1 > Swap to Greatsword > 3 + Glyph of Equality > Pet Swap + F1 > Greatsword 2 > 5 > 2

Celestial Avatar: Place Seeds (Celestial Avatar 2) beneath your Lunar Impacts (CA 3) for extra combo finishers,

Surviving: Greatsword 3, Staff 3, Celestial Avatar 3 inside your Smokescale F2 for stealth

CC: Greatsword 5, Staff 4, Lunar Impact (CA 3), Natural Convergence (CA 5), Glyph of Equality, Pet F2



Smokescale/River Drake
GreatswordHeal / Utility / Elite
StaffCelestial Avatar


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Credit to Mukluk for the video.


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