Roller Beetle Mount Achievement Guide

GW2. A complete guide on how to unlock the Roller Beetle Mount.

Getting Started

The Roller Beetle mount can be obtained through the Episode 3 of the Living World Season 4, Long Live the Lich. You will need to have access to this episode in order to be able to complete the following collections.

After completing the second mission on the story, Forearmed is Forewarned, you need to speak with Spearmarshal Zaelm during the begining of the third mission called Tactical Triage. You can find him in a building on the southern side of the Allied Encampment – [&BFcLAAA=] , and then talk with Gorrik which is on the northern edge of the Allied Encampment.

This conversation will complete the High Roller achievement and unlock the first collection.

Beetle Juice

This is the first collection, and you need to obtain nine items around Domain of Kourna. Once you get them, you talk again with Gorrik and he will give you the final item unlocking the next collection.

Here are the locations for all the items and each one detailed below:

  • Unlabeled Bottle of Bubbling Liquid

Hint: Obtain a Bottle of Bubbeling Liquid from a secret cache around Kodonur Crossing.

  • “Dragon” Protein

Hint: Obtain a “Dragon” Protein from a secret cache around Kodonur Crossing.

  • Completely Legal Performance-Enhancing Serum

Hint: Obtain Completely Legal Performance-Enhancing Serum from a secret cache around Kodonur Crossing.

  • Flask of Churning Liquid

Hint: Obtain a Flask of Churning Liquid from a secret cache somewhere near Palawa’s Benevolence.

  • 210 Proof Rotgut

Hint: Obtain 210 Proof Rotgut from a secret cache somewhere near Palawa’s Benevolence.

  • Calcified Megalodon Fin

Hint: Obtain a sample of Calcified Megalodon Fin from a secret cache somewhere near Palawa’s Benevolence.

  • Bottle of Dark Smoke

Hint: Obtain a bottle of dark smoke from a secret cache around Bitterfly Bayou.

  • Lightning in a Bottle

Hint: Obtain a lightning in a bottle from a secret cache around Bitterfly Bayou.

  • Untested Speed Serum

Hint: Obtain an untested speed serum from a secret cache around Bitterfly Bayou.

  • Full Recovery

Hint: Return to Gorrik with all of the beetle medicines.

Beetle Saddle

This is the second collection. You will need to collect seven items, the eighth and ninth are awarded after collecting the other seven. These items can be found around Domain of Kourna and several regions of Central Tyria.

  • Inquest Beetle Notes
    • Hint: Dropped by Awakened Inquest.
      • Inside the caverns of Dabiji Hollows in Domain of Kouna you can find many Inquest to kill and eventually you will get it from them.

  • Inquest Power Schematics
    • Hint: Search the Inquest lab equipment near Dabiji Hollows in the Domain of Kourna.
      • Inside the caverns on Babiji Hollows go to Pogahn Bluffs Proving Ground – [&BFwLAAA=] and on the top floor you can interact with the terminals.

  • Shadow Creator’s Seal
    • Hint: Collect a bounty in the Domain of Kourna.
      • You can do any Bounty to get this item.

  • Steam Power Coupling
    • Hint: Harvested from steam creatures.
      • In Lornar’s Pass, Lamentation Waypoint – [&BOoAAAA=] around the lake you can find many steam creatures to kill and you will eventually get the drop.

  • Plagued Struts
    • Hint: Dropped by golems in the Domain of Kourna.
      • Around the shores of the Front Line area in Domain of Kourna you can find some golems walking around to kill and eventually you will get the drop.

  • Anomaly Spark
    • Hint: Collected from a Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly in its final moments.
      • You need to participate in the “Defeat the Ley-Line Anomaly to disperse its destructive energy before it overloads” event that occurs in Gendarran Fields, Iron Marches, or Timberline Falls. This event spawns 20 minutes after even-numbered hours in server time (UTC) on a fixed cycle through the three zones. Using a Ley-Infused Lodestone will indicate which zone is currently active or will have an event soon.
        This item can be obtained even if the event fails.

  • Mk II Power Inverter
    • Hint: Defeat the Mark II golem in Mount Maelstrom.
      • You need to defeat the World Boss that occurs at north of Old Sledge Site Waypoint – [&BNQCAAA=] . This event occurs every 3 hours and you can check the boss timer by typing in-game the command /wiki et.

  • Completed Saddle
    • Hint: Return saddle parts to Blish in the Domain of Kourna.
      • Talk to Blish, who is near Gorrik in the Domain of Kourna, after collecting the other seven parts
  • Saddle Up
    • Hint: Place the completed saddle on Petey.
      • After receiving the Completed Saddle, interact with Petey, who is near Gorrik in the Domain of Kourna.

Beetle Feed

This is the third and final collection, you will need to collect seven items and the eighth can be only unlocked after collecting the previous seven. These items can be found around Domain of Kourna and the Crystal Desert.

  • Live Plague Scarab
    • Hint: Contain scarab outbreaks in the Domain of Kourna.
      • You need to complete the event called “Trample scarabs with your mount to contain the outbreak” that can occur in several different places in Western Front and Front Line areas in Domain of Kourna.

  • Plague Scarab Egg
    • Hint: Smash plague experiments in the Moon Fortress.
      • You need to complete the event called “End the plague experiments” that occurs in Gandara, the Moon Fortress as part of the Containing the Scarab Plague meta event.

  • Junundu Ichor
    • Hint: Drops from junundu wurms in the Crystal Desert.
      • You can find some wurms to kill at Junundu Nests – [&BCoKAAA=] in Domain of Vabbi.

  • Hearty Beetle Slime
    • Hint: Harvested from the Alpha Beetle in the Far Silverwastes.
      • You need to kill the Champion Giant Spotted Beetle at Far Silverwastes. This champion is difficult to find. He will only spawn if no other event is active in the area, and it’s also related to the neutral Giant Beetle on the ledge in the north-west corner surrounded by small allied beetles. This event event has also a cooldown of between 10 and 30 minutes.

  • Desert Luciferin
    • Hint: Purchased from the heket in the Domain of Kourna.
      • You can buy the item from Milin at Apizmic Grounds Waypoint – [&BFALAAA=] after completing the heart quest. You need 50 Inscribed Shards.

  • Frigid Wurm Goo
    • Hint: Harvested from cave wurms in the Domain of Kourna.
      • You can find some cave wurms to kill at Deeprift Brood – [&BEwLAAA=] in the underwater cave.

  • Toxic Spider Yolk
    • Hint: Harvested from the toxic spider queen in Kessex Hills.
      • You need to kill the Champion Toxic Spider Queen in Kessex Hills. Spawns roughly every 6 minutes and it can spawn in two locations:
        • Earthlord’s Gap – near Gap Waypoint – [&BLoDAAA=]
        • Viathan’s Arm – near Viathan Waypoint – [&BBAAAAA=]

  • Dinner’s Ready
    • Hint: Give Petey the perfect meal.
      • Interact with Petey (near Gorrik in the Domain of Kourna) after obtaining the other seven items.

That’s it, these 3 collections will unlock the Roller Beetle and now you can work towards the masteries for it.


After learning the three masteries, general movement is controlled by the following default controls:

  • Speed up/Boost – Space
  • Drift – C (AKA “Mount Ability 2” in your control options menu)
  • Perform a Trick – Hold Space while airborne. (With Big Air mastery unlocked)

Unlike most mounts, the Roller Beetle does not have a fixed running movement speed. It has a base movement speed (600 units per second), which is equivalent to that of the Raptor. If the Beetle rolls down a hill or if its primary movement skill is used, it accelerates up to triple its normal speed (1800 units per second). The Roller Beetle can then sustain this higher speed until it rolls up too steep a hill or crashes into terrain, both of which will slow the Beetle down.

Speed up/Boost

Boosting consumes Endurance, requires a full Endurance bar to activate, and consumes the full bar in a single activation. This ability gives a massive boost to the Beetle’s speed and acceleration for 2.5 seconds. After boosting, it takes 15 seconds (12.5 seconds to recharge, 2.5 second cool down while the boost is active where it remains at 0).


The second ability does not consume endurance, but can only be used when the Beetle is already rolling faster than its base speed (1000 units per second). When held, this ability significantly reduces the Beetle’s traction with the ground, allowing the rider to rotate the Beetle at high speed without changing direction. When the ability is released, traction is restored and the Beetle abruptly changes to the new direction, losing speed proportional to how sharp the resulting turn was.

Tips and Techniques

  • The trail behind the beetle is a visual speedometer. At maximum speed, the trail will be orange. As you lose speed, the trail will change to purple, and finally become blue at base speed.
  • The Roller Beetle does not have a faster turning rate than other mounts, and like other mounts its ability to change direction while airborne is limited. This combined with its very high speed makes turning difficult, especially on uneven terrain. Effective use of the secondary “drift” movement is therefore necessary for maneuvering at high speeds.
  • After the Drift skill is released, it takes a moment for traction to recover, so while this ability allows the Beetle to turn quickly it will still take a second before the Beetle is actually moving in the new direction. It is therefore possible to still crash into a wall sideways, even if an attempt was made to drift and avoid it.
  • At high speed, the Beetle is able to roll or even skip across water. If the Beetle is travelling at full speed when it impacts the water (either by rolling off the shore or falling a short distance), it will typically be able to skip 3 or 4 times before losing too much speed and dismounting. Additional skips and distance can be achieved if the Boost is activated as the Beetle starts losing speed.
  • At high speed or while Boosting, the Roller Beetle can roll up the sides of cliffs or ravines. This works best when the Beetle reaches the cliff from the ground and rolls up, and does not work well when the Beetle is already airborne and impacts the cliff.
  • The Roller Beetle does have the ability to jump, however its jump is extremely weak and cannot be used during boost activation. In order to cross gaps in terrain, the Beetle must use natural inclines or bumps as jump ramps.
  • With the Big Air mastery, the player can perform tricks while airborne. To do a trick, hold the jump button while in the air. While doing a trick, endurance will refill at 35 endurance per second, up from 8 per second, causing it to fill in approximately 3 seconds from 0%.
  • Tricks require a minimum of 0.8 seconds to complete. If the Beetle lands while a Trick is active, the trick will fail. Failing a trick consumes 1/3 of the Beetle’s total endurance.
  • The minimum possible endurance recovery from a trick is 28%

For increased control over your mount, you can check the box in the general options menu for “Disable conditional mount movement ability input.” This will separate mount ability 1 from Space, and mount ability 2 from S. Do keep in mind that this will also unbind it for all other mounts as well, with differing results.

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  1. Hi, just finished the roller beetle using your guide. on “Desert Luciferin” part, i really collected 50 Inscribed Shards, and that took me a while. I think that a short text saying that you can buy Inscribed Shards on Dragonfall really could help someone else dumb as me. TY for your guides!

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