Skimmer Mastery Collection Guide – Finding Sibaha

GW2. Skimming the Depths – Skimmer Mastery Collection Guide – Finding Sibaha. A complete guide on how to unlock the Underwater Skimmer Mastery.

Finding Sibaha – 11AP

Getting Started

To start this new collection, go to Lion’s Arch, or any other major city on a character that has completed the Path of Fire story, and you will receive this mail, which allow you to unlock the collection:

Ardra at the skimmer camp

Once you read the mail, go to Skimmer Ranch Waypoint – [&BGcKAAA=] at Elon Riverlands, and talk with Ardra. She is the heart quest NPC.

Amnoon Harbor

Next, go to Amnoon Harbor – [&BJcKAAA=] at Crystal Oasis, and talk with Dockmaster Jonnick.

Mysterious Charr

Next, go to Brightwater Waypoint – [&BJEKAAA=] and head to west, then talk with the mysterious charr named Kall.

Famous Water Djinn

Next, go to Trader’s Forum Waypoint – [&BBAEAAA=] at Lion’s Arch, and talk with Miyani next to the Mystic Forge. As an alternative you can also talk directly with Zommoros in Mythwright Gambit (Raid Wing 6).

Ask Moshpoipoi

Next, go to Watchful Waypoint – [&BH0CAAA=] at Frostgorge Sound and talk with Caretaker Laamaa.

Defend Moshpoipoi

Next, you have to wait in the area around Watchful Waypoint – [&BH0CAAA=] for the event called “Help the Moshpoipoi village guards defend against icebrood”.

Caretaker Laamaa

Once you done with the event, go back to talk with Caretaker Laamaa.

Helpful Largos

Next, go to Murmur Waypoint – [&BK8CAAA=] , you have to talk with Aaminah, but she will only appear after the first event on the chain, which is called “Drive the Risen krait out of Kahloipoi”, then after talk with Aaminah and continue to the next step.

Help Aaminah

Next, keep doing the event “Help Aaminah draw out and fight the Risen krait priest”.

Information from Aaminah

After the event is done, just talk with Aaminah again and you will get progress to continue.

Search for Sibaha

Next, go to Restless Deeps – [&BLYCAAA=] at Mount Maelstrom and talk with Sibaha, she is inside a cage.

Obtain a cage key

Next, you have to get the key to free Sibaha from her cage, just go to above and kill the Krait Champion. As an alternative, you can also obtain the key as random drop from krait around the area.

Free Sibaha

Go back to Sibaha’s cage and interact with her to open her cage.

Meet Sibaha

Next, go back to Lion’s Arch at south of Guild Bluff Waypoint – [&BA0EAAA=] , and talk with Sibaha.

Advanced Skimmer Course

Finally, you need to earn at least Silver Medal on the new adventure “Advanced Skimmer Course”

Once you complete the adventure with at least Silver medal, you will complete the collection and now you can start training the Mastery. You will need to gather 2.000.000 XP and 8 Mastery Points from Path of Fire:


  1. Update the video, u can do frist dive with using C on skimmer and only after swimming to the surface this ability is gone, but still is much easier to do first underwater part sitting on skimmer (check on vidoe, C ability is available, I did it myslef that way).

    • For me, the C ability is there when I hit play but as soon as the race window pops up – which is after a second from starting – the C ability is gone, so I can’t use it even for first dive.

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