Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag Guide

GW2. A guide to the Fraenir of Jormag Strike Mission from The Icebrood Saga.

The Fraenir of Jormag is a strike mission which is a 10 player boss encounter from the Whisper in the Dark episode.

Getting There and LFG

Access the Fraenir of Jormag Strike Mission from the Eye of the North portal or the Raven Sanctum in Bjora Marches.

If you don’t have a static group to run this, you might want to find a group using the LFG tool. Usually the most common squad composition will ask for 2-3 healers, quickness and alacrity and the rest DPS. Most people will use builds for raids so I suggest you check here for that.


Boss Mechanics

There are two phases to this boss. There are minimal mechanics to each. While in the Fraenir phase there are two main mechanics:

An arrow will indicate a blast that the boss will shoot towards a specific player. If the player notices they have the arrow following them, they can face it away from their squad.

Icicles – will spawn around the room and if a player gets hit they become an ice block and must continuously press their 1 skill to get out.

The Construct phase will transform the boss into a large icy golem. During this form the boss does new attacks:

Shockwaves – The construct will pound the ground and send out a shockwave that you can dodge or jump over.

Sweep – The construct will hit half of the room with an icy attack, simply move to the other half.

Bound Elementals – will spawn and hatch into icebrood elementals if not destroyed quickly. If all of these hatch they can do a coordinated attack which can down your team. Spread out to kill the elementals or to avoid the coordinated ground AoE that can multiply the more stacked your squad is.


Just stack in the center of the room. If the boss leaves, do not follow it because it will return shortly. Position around the mechanics and focus on killing the boss. The only thing that can potentially wipe your group is when the ice elementals spawn and do their coordinated attack. Be aware when this occurs, as it will happen shortly after they spawn.


Elemental Elegy – 5AP

To earn this achievement, during the fight with Fraenir, some elementals will spawn around, inside ice, you need to destroy their ice and kill them before they are free, a total of 10 elementals.

Fraenir Frolic – 5AP

To complete this achievement, you need to defeat Fraenir without being hit by any shock wave, you can jump over them or dodge.

High Shaman, High Stakes – 5AP

Defeat the boss without beingTo complete this achievement you need to defeat Fraenir without being downed or defeated, so simply you need to play safe.


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