Support Bladesworn PvP Build

GW2. Support Bladesworn PvP Build. Warrior 2022.

The Shout Bladesworn is a Support warrior build that synergizes the ammo system with the bladesworn traits and the shout heals which use ammo. The instant cast shouts can be used to support allies while sitting in the long Dragon Trigger animations for longer CC durations.

Healing Sources: All utility skill shouts, landing F2 in 300 range for Marching Orders, Warhorn 5

Use Dragon Trigger 2 to stun lock the focus target.

“On My Mark” the main focus target and time “For Great Justice” well for your team’s burst.


40 %

Last Update: Feb 21



Amulet: Avatar

Sword/Warhorn (Energy/Transference)

Rune: Soldier

Mace/Shield (Intelligence/Savagery)

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  1. This is amazing, not just in performance, but also in feel. It took me a while to really figure it out (Lush Forest triggering on ammunition skills like Throw Axe, or Volley, or almost all of the gunblade skills, and not the ammo charges that appear from converting flow), but once I understood it, the results have been fantastic. It’s like I’m playing core shout warrior before the nerf, but at the same time I’m also moving as if I had Warrior’s Sprint. I feel less pressure using my shouts to remove conditions because of Lush Forest, and the tremendous amount of stuns and damage that’s pouring out of me is so absolutely fun.

    Naturally, Anet is going to have to nerf this, because warriors aren’t allowed to have this much entertainment!

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