Support Core Guardian PvP Build

GW2. Support Core Guardian PvP Build. Protect Heal Guardian PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Support Core Guardian is a slow but sturdy Support build that protects allies using aegis which also heals them and provides the most stability to their team so they can go unhindered. While this build is very safe, it can be slow and easy to target if left alone. Try to always stay with your team and revive them with the Mercy Signet if you can’t keep them up.

Healing Sources: Mace 2, F2, “Receive the Light”, Dodging on Allies, Staff 2/4, Shield 5 (2nd cast)

Aegis Sources: Mace 3, Shield 4, F3

Condition Cleanses: Staff 2 + 3 Combo, F2, Leadership Runes on Elite, “Save Yourselves!”

Your survivability mostly comes from the Altruistic Healing by giving boons to allies. This means that the more allies nearby the more healing you get. In larger fights you can be very hard to kill but when alone or in smaller fights you can be easily taken out. Never put yourself in a situation where you can be focused alone. Always rotate somewhere you can be useful to your team.

Perfect positioning is right next to but not on top of your allies. This is because you don’t want to take unnecessary damage but also be in range to dodge on top of your allies to heal them. Most of your support is a 600 radius, making it easy to land on your allies. However, the dodge roll heal is much smaller in radius so that is one aspect that should be focused on to optimize how much you heal.




DruidSword or Mace/ShieldEnergy/Transference

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  1. Thank you so much for all the builds on this website. I`m new to pvp and been using this build. I just want to ask if I can use this build on ranked games or you prefer to use healing firebrand?

  2. This is a solid support build. I’ve found it really useful for holding a point, getting my opponents on cool down, and then letting my squad mates run in and mop up. Routinely 300-400k healing

  3. Getting top revive and healing stats constantly but this is trash in the current meta unless you have actual good dps on your team which is rare. Heals don’t do enough, cd’s take too long to recharge. Current meta is way too bursty for this spec to be viable.

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