Support Vindicator PvP Build

GW2. Support Vindicator PvP Build. Support Ventari Revenant PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Support Vindicator is a revenant PvP build with great team utility from the Alliance and Ventari Stance. It heals and cleanses a lot, but lacks stun breaks, making it easy to focus with CC.

Swap between the Kurzick Alliance stance and Ventari stance as often as possible to have more energy to pump out the high impact legend stance skills, and swap between weapons as often as possible to keep triggering the energy for more dodges which also give out plenty of heals and barrier.

Prioritize using the Purifying Essence in Ventari and Tree Song in Kurzick stances because those skills heal the more they cleanse, and cleansing gives protection, meaning they are the highest impact for animation use.

The Ventari Tablet is important to position to land your heals in Ventari stance. Keep moving it constantly to your position or to the position of allies you want to help. Channeling the projectile block can be powerful defense for your front liners, and the Elite skill will knock down enemies where the tablet is, allowing you to engage with it.

In Kurzick Stance, stun break your allies with Awakening and channel the Urn of Saint Viktor in between your big Dodge or Tree Song heals. You can’t be healed while channeling the urn, so be careful of your positioning and prefer to use your dodges while holding it.

Otherwise, use your Staff 3 and Shield 5 to block attacks so you can survive staying with your team and Scepter 3 on an ally you want to stay close to as you can recast it after a few seconds to port to them.



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  1. yeeees please <3 i got only nevermore and exordium as lege 😀 😀 so thats my dream build

  2. I love this build. I routinely get 350k+ healing, and this basically removes rifle engineers and deadeyes from the equation. With this build, I can hold points for a long time against large pressure, keep my team alive, and really turn the tide in a fight. It’s a joy to play and reminds me of happy memories playing a monk in Guild Wars 1.

  3. Do enjoy this as a support option. It doesn’t offer aegis but pumps out tremendous healing. Usually 300-600k per match depending on your team’s rotation.

    Can suggest as an alternate for more pure healing focus: take Jalis instead of Alliance, and bring mace/axe or sword/axe instead of greatsword.

    The Alliance stance doesn’t synergize well with core traitlines. Its elite Urn of Saint Viktor is also terrible. The CC from Jalis’ Forced Engagement and axe5 on top of the tablet knockdown are really helpful, makes you play like a druid. Archemorus has CC, but you usually have to choose between CC or stunbreak in one rotation since swapping within Alliance doesn’t reset energy. Mace offers fire field + blast finisher while sword mainhand offers an evade and better damage. Jalis gives more consistent stability for your team in this CC-heavy meta too.

    As is, this build gives you relatively strong damage output for a healer. Greatsword and Archemorous help focus down targets with your team. Can be modified further more to run like a duelist.

  4. Shocked you don’t recommend Rune of the Flock. You will be moving the tablet a lot and it’s basically a free group heal every 10 seconds.

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