Unlocking the Wizard’s Tower Meta Event Guide

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Unlocking the Wizard’s Tower Meta-Event

The Skywatch Archipelago map meta event begins at the Droknar’s Light Waypoint ‚ÄĒ [&BL4NAAA=] and occurs every 2 hours (1hr after daily reset for reference).

There are four stages to this meta event, requiring some movement around the map, collecting energy using flying mounts, and killing Kryptis.

Stage One – Gather Essence Around Droknar’s Light

Essences will spawn in the air all around the island, easily accessed by flying mount.

There is a 5 minute timer on this event. Make sure to find a map with enough population through the LFG or by creating your own squad to ensure that these first stages succeed.

Stage Two – Gather More Essence on the Other Islands

After filling up the essence on the first island, players must split up and collect essence on the other five islands throughout the map.

  • Primal Maguuma
  • Jade Mech Habitation Zone 03
  • Skyward Marches
  • Garenhoff
  • Rata Novus

The essences may require you to kill enemies, perform activities, or collect by mounting.

Stage Three – Make the Key at Droknar’s Forge

Returning to Droknar’s Light after finishing all of the islands, enter through the doorway at Droknar’s Light Waypoint ‚ÄĒ [&BL4NAAA=] which leads you underground. Here you will need to kill sparks and collect essence to maintain the colored progress bars in the objective. If one colored bar gets too low, move to another area to collect the essence of that color. You want to prevent any of them from going too low.

Stage Four – Exorcise the Demons

Once the key is forged, return to the surface and head to the western side of Drokanr’s Light where a new platform has spawned. This final boss encounter requires skyscale mounting, fighting Kryptis, and coordinating between multiple platforms.

Mabon will first ask players to collect more essence to fuel the Memory Snares. These snares are a necessary component of the encounter. You must protect them from corruption and charge them by venturing to the outer platforms. There are three snares to protect and three outer platforms, meaning at most there should be six groups split up to perform the objectives. Rotating between the objectives can also work with larger but lesser numbers of groups.

Protecting the Memory Snares

On the main platform in the middle there will be three capture zones shown by the red or blue outlines. If the outlines are blue, it means the memory snare is fine, but if the outline is red it means the memory snare is becoming corrupted. When there are more kryptis than players in a zone, the zone becomes overtaken by them which causes the outline to become red. Killing kryptis or having more players arrive to outnumber the kryptis will return the memory snare to safety.

If a memory snare becomes fully corrupted, it must be destroyed by attacking it so that it can be reset. While it is corrupted the outer groups cannot make progress on charging the snare. Ideally you only want enough players in each snare to delay long enough for the out teams to charge the snares.

Charging the Memory Snares

While the main platform defends the memory snares, players must fly to the three outer platforms and kill kryptis near the memory projectors which will charge the memory snares. The faster you kill the faster it charges. This means sending more to the outer platforms will get things done quicker as long as there are enough to defend the center platform. After charging the snare, return to the main platform and use your special action key ability on the memory snare. Once all three snares are finished, you will need to repeat this entire process again.

After charging the memory snares again, there will be a Kryptis Invader spawn at each of the outer platforms. These must all be defeated within 30 seconds of each other or they will respawn. Keep an eye on the objective interface. Get them low and then wait for the others before finishing them off. Afterwards reconvene at the center and use your special action key to purge Lyhr.

Complete meta-event event gameplay

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