Verdant Brink Achievement Guide

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Achievements that Rewards Mastery Points

General Achievements

Dive Master: Verdant Brink – 1 AP, 1 Mastery point

Easiest way to reach the dive master location is via the Pact Encampment waypoint when the choppers are up during the night cycle (choppers spawn with 20 mins left in the night cycle). Jump on the bouncing mushroom to the left of the Wyvern platform and it will take you directly to the location with the Diving Googles.

Once you have the diving goggles, go through the circular thingie and aim for a reddish patch below caused by the smoke signal from the rally point. Watch for branches and aim for the very shallow pool near the Pact Encampment Waypoint.

Jungle Totem Hunter – 1 AP, 1 Mastery Point

See this guide here, fairly easy and takes about 10- 15 minutes.

Ground Pounder – 10 AP, 1 Mastery Point

You will need to do the achievement for each event chain in the 5 outposts. See the section below for each outpost.

Sky Commander – 10 AP, 1 Mastery Point

You need to kill all 5 bosses in the night cycle. See the section below on Night Time achievements.

Strongbox Achievements

See this guide here, they each give 2 AP and 1 Mastery Point.

Adventure Achievements

There are 5 adventures in Verdant Brink. They are for the most part easy except for Shooting Gallery. You get 1 Mastery Point and 1 AP for each adventure you earn Silver Medal and another Mastery Point and AP for each adventure you earn the Gold Medal. All the Adventures are available only during the day cycle and some are locked until you do enough events in the outpost event chain nearby.

You will want the following mastery if you want to get silver/gold medals on some of the adventures.

  • Bouncing Mushrooms
  • Updraft Use
  • Lean Techniques (helps but not required)

Bronzer – 5 AP, 1 Mastery Points

Get bronze medal or better in the 5 Adventures. This is fairly easy to do.

Silver Medals – 1 AP, 1 Mastery Point Each

All of the adventures are easy to get silver medal on except for Shooting Gallery. The first 20 targets are always in the same position but you get a bit of randomness after that. You will need to get 30 targets for Silver, which is doable with a couple tries. You can use the video guides below for Gold Medal if you need help with it.

Gold Medals – 1 AP, 1 Mastery Point Each

Gold Medal is really easy for the following adventures

  • Salvage Pit (Speed Mushrooms will aid here but it is very doable without it)
  • Flying Circus (Lean Techniques will help here).

The following adventures you can get gold with a bit of practice

  • Tendril Torchers
  • Bugs in the Branches

Shooting Gallery is the only tricky one where you need lots practice and some luck in the spawn pattern. The idea is that you memorized the location of first 20 so you can do them ASAP and then hope for the next 10 are in good spawns. After 30 the targets still spawn two at a time and it becomes a bit easier provided you have enough time left.

Bugs in the Branches Gold

Tendril Torchers Gold

Salvage Pit Gold

Flying Circus Gold

Outpost: Pale Reaver Rally

Pale Reaver Believer – 5 AP

Head to the Dry Step Mesas/Snared Frontier area when the day cycle begins and do the six chain events there. The event chain then heads SW towards Shrouded Ruins.

  • Cleared Field
  • Planted Explosives on Vines
  • Escorted Laranthir to Ruins
  • Protected Skybreaker
  • Escorted Laranthir through Ruins
  • Destroyed Colossal Vine

Grassy Troll – 5 AP

Land 100 damaging shots with a Pale Reaver Sniper Rifle. During event #1, #2, or #4 in the Pale Reaver Outpost event chain, use the sniper rifles to snipe on the Mordrem below. Event #1 and #2 takes place on the little hill just south of Shipwreck Peak Waypoint. Event #4 takes place just west of Shrouded Ruins. Refer to map under Pale Reaver Believer achievement if you are unsure of their locations.

Outpost: Jaka Itzel

Honorary Jaka Itzel – 5 AP

Head to Jaka Itzel Waypoint when the day cycle begins and do the chain of 9 events there.

  • Cleared Village
  • Larvae Collected
  • Hunt Completed
  • Wyvern Fires Extinguished
  • Tempegoers Protected
  • Zintl Sermon Disrupted
  • Wyvern Eggs Collected
  • Zintl Camp Sabotaged
  • Wyvern Defeated

The Most Dangerous Game – 5 AP

You get this achievement during event #3 of the chain which require you to follow the Itzel Hunters on a hunt. The hunt will progressively get harder and it will say Hunting Biggest Game at the end. If you complete this, you should get the achievement.

Egg Run – 5 AP

Deliver a wyvern egg to Utogi in less than 5 seconds. This is earned during the #7 event in the chain where you need to collect Wyvern eggs. There are a couple ways you can do this. If you are quick, you can probably do this normally by basically picking an egg near the edge and then drop down immediately to the NPC. Otherwise you can get a mesmer to put down a portal or sometimes there is an egg that spawn near the NPC you can take an advantage of. This egg sometimes spawns multiple times and sometimes doesn’t spawn at all so don’t rely on it.

Outpost: Pact Encampment

Pact Camper– 5 AP

Head to the Pact Encampment Waypoint once the day cycle begins and complete the chain of 9 events there. Note that the order of events listed under the achievement section is actually out of order. The correct sequence of events is the following. The events are kind of spread out so check with the scout at the camp to see exactly which event is active currently.

  • Cleared Pact Encampment
  • Escorted Officer to Camp (this is 3 separate events that occur a bit from the camp, there are 3 NPCs you need to escort back to the camp)
  • Elected Camp Leader
  • Escorted Survivors to Camp
  • Calibrated Mordrem Sensors
  • Recovered Cannons
  • Saved Sylvari from Vigilantes
  • Interrogated Sylvari Suspects
  • Destroyed Corruption Source

Equitable Elector – 5 AP

Participate in the election of all 3 potential Pact leaders. This event occurs in Pact Encampment waypoint. You have to the event chain 3 times or more to complete this achievement. In the 3rd event of the chain, you will get to pick between 3 NPCs that you escorted to the camp to become the leader. Only one NPC can become the leader per event chain so you will need to coordinate with other players to ensure that the NPCs you need for the achievement wins.

Excellent Judge of Character – 5 AP

Pardon an innocent sylvari held in the Pact Encampment. During the event to Interrogate Sylvari Suspects (event #8 in the chain), use the backpack you are given (acquire it by talking to a nearby NPC) to determine if the Sylvari you are talking to is innocent or not. If the green bar is higher than the red bar, pick the innocent option and you will get this achievement.

Outpost: Noble Crash Site

Patron of the Nobility – 5 AP

Complete the Noble Crash Site Outpost. Go to Faren’s Flyer Waypoint at the beginning of the day cycle and complete the chain of 9 events there.

  • Cleared Crash Site
  • Rescued Passengers
  • Constructed Camp
  • Escorted Nobles to Bongo’s Bungalow
  • Defended Bongo’s Camp
  • Armed Bongo’s Bungalow
  • Trained Faren
  • Escorted Noble to Evac Point
  • Defeated Wyvern

Wartime Sommelier – 5 AP

Find some wine in the wreckage and serve one of the nobles. There are two locations where you can find the wine. They don’t spawn until you have escorted the nobles to Bongo’s Bungalow so check for these when the outpost is about half way completed. After you grab the wine, hand them to an unnamed Noble (just the regular Noble NPCs standing around).

Lord of the Jungle – 5 AP

During the event to Help Faren train to be a swordmaster, give Faren boons and heals when he gets attacked and you will receive the achievement. Sometimes if there are too many people doing the event Faren may not get to touch the mobs and this can be problematic for the achievement.

Outpost: Ordnance Corps

Ordnance Corps Auxiliary – 5 AP

Complete the Ordnance Corps outpost. Do the following chain of 7 events starting at Mellaggan’s Valor waypoint at the beginning of the day cycle.

  • Cleared Outpost
  • Constructed Tower
  • Defended Outpost
  • Secured Airship Crash Site
  • Defended Airship Crash Site
  • Collected Bomb Parts
  • Destroyed Blighting Tree

Diarmid Dropper – 5 AP

Blighted Diarmid spawns twice during the Ordnance Corps event chain. She first appear in event #3 defending the outpost and then again in event #5 defending the airship crash site. You just need to kill her at one of these locations to receive credit.

Ongoing Defense –5 AP

You need to defend one of the three towers that were constructed in event chain #2 for all 5 waves. The problem is that this event occurs the same as the event to collect bomb parts (event #6). Usually everyone is too busy collecting bomb parts to care about defending the tower. Pick the tower closest to the collecting bomb event for best chances of other players helping you. This will be easier with a big group as you will have enough players to defend the towers and do the main chain event at the same time.

Night Time Achievements

Raised the Bar – 5 AP

Participate in raising the security level at night while fully eligible. At night you will see these Pact Supplies on the map near salvage airship parts events. Pick one of them up and go to any of the outpost to deposit them while at 100% event participation or more to get credit for this achievement. You can waypoint while carrying these Pact Supplies so just waypoint to a rally point (i.e. Pact Encampment waypoint or Mellagan’s Valor waypoint) and get it done easy.

Caught ‘Em All – 5 AP

You will need a Pact Crowbar for this. These floating crates spawn during the night and numerous ones usually spawn around the area a night boss was killed. Just fly into them to get goodies and the achievement.

Father of Wyverns – 5 AP

Defeat the Wyvern patriarch after nightfall in Verdant Brink. Patriarch can be reached via the chopper that spawns with 20 minutes left at night near the Pale Reaver Rally Outpost. Use ctrl key to look for Wyvern eggs and throw them at the Patriarch to break his shield. Updraft gliding is required

Froglicker – 5 AP

Defeat Cotoni and Huetzi after Nightfall. You can reach them via the pact chopper near Jaka Itzel Waypoint with 20 minutes left in the night cycle. The thing with these two frog duos if that if one of them reaches around 30% HP, they will teleport up to a pond and heal up. You need to use bouncing Mushrooms to go up and break their defiance bar to stop them from healing.

Mother of Wyverns – 5 AP

Defeat the wyvern matriarch after nightfall in Verdant Brink. The matriarch can be reached via the pact chopper that spawns with 20 minutes left at night near the Pact Encampment Waypoint. She is probably the most popular out of the all the night bosses. Make sure to break her defiance bar when it is up to stop her from flying and deal massive damage to her.

Tetrad Trouncer – 5 AP

Defeat the Mordrem Tetrad after nightfall in Verdant Brink. Tetrad can be reached via the pact chopper that spawns with 20 minutes left at night near the Mellagan’s Valor Waypoint. You will need the Bouncing Mushroom mastery to reach the platform where the bosses are. Three bosses spawn initially and a fourth legendary boss spawns after.

Sky Stalker – 5 AP

Defeat Axemaster Gwyllion after nightfall in Verdant Brink. Gwyllion can be reached via the pact chopper that spawns near Faren’s Flyer Waypoint with 20 minutes remaining in the night cycle. You will need players with Nuhoch Stealth Detection to break his defiance bar when he teleports to break him out of stealth and prevent him from instantly downing all the players.

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