Warming Grawnk’s Heart Wintersday Guide

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GW2. A guide to the newly introduced time gated mission Warming Grawnk’s Heart with Winterday 2014.

Seimur Oxbone’s Location

Depending on the day you are doing this, Seimur could be in several locations. Just ask Grawnk/Orphan and they will tell you which racial city he is likely in.

Black Citadel

If he is in Black Citadel, he will be near the Mustering Ground Waypoint.

The Grove

His new location in the Grove is on the bottom level of The Grove, next to Ronan’s Waypoint. Select the bottom level of the map and then teleport then there to check if you have the waypoint unlocked. If not just keep going down to the very bottom level.

Divinity’s Reach

if Seimur is in Divinity’s Reach, he will be near the Commons Waypoint

Rata Sum

Next to Magicat Court Waypoint at the top level of Rata Sum

Lion’s Arch

Close to Sanctum Harbor Waypoint

Diessa Plateau

Near Village of Butcher’s Block in the NW section of Diessa Plateau

Day 1

Open your mail and you should see a new one from Orphan Laine. The mail will direct you to your home instance (i..e for humans it is Salma District of Divinity’s Reach).

Once you are inside your home instance, talk to Grawnk and he will tell you to find Seimur Oxbone. Read the hint to figure out which racial city he is in.

Find Seimur in whichever city he is in (see above).  Ask him for something to help with the grawl problem and he will allow you to purchase his Bowl of Bloodstone Broth for 1 Tiny Snowflake which you can get from the TP or from Wintersday Gifts.

Return to your home instance and hand the broth to Grawnk. He will tell you to return tomorrow.

Check back at the daily reset.

Day 2

After the daily reset, head straight to Ascallion Waypoint in Harathi Hinterlands. You will need to access the Renowned Heart vendor there that sells the Masterwork or Fine version of Shiny Frying Pan.

Purchase this pan and head back to Seimur Oxbone. Tell him that the Grawl is still there and he will sell you Cup of Bloodstone Soup in exchange for Shiny Frying Pan (he has two tabs, one for masterwork and one for fine version).

Go back to your home instance, talk to Grawnk again to give the soup to him. He will tell you to come tomorrow.

Check back at the daily reset

Day 3

Seimur Oxbone now wants a Superior Sigil of Mischief for his next powerful meal, the Chalice of Bloodstone Chili. This sigil can be found inside Giant Wintersday Gifts or be purchased on the TP for a few silvers.

Return to Grawnk after you are done to hand him his last meal. This will grant you an achievement and a new collection starter, Holiday Display Case.

Consuming the Holiday Display Case unlocks a new collection For the Children

For the Children Collection

The items you need acquire are found in jumping puzzle chests or hidden chests in the appropriate maps all over.The jumping puzzle listed below are just examples. Other jumping puzzles or hidden chests of the same racial chest will also drop them.

Each jumping puzzle will give you a Mysterious Grubby Package, which has a high chance to drop the item for the collection (not 100%). You must have the collection unlocked with the Holiday Display Case or the Mysterious Grubby Package won’t give you the item.

Doll – Golden Chest – Belong to some lazy rich people

  • Item you need to acquire is Small Doll Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Demongrub Pits jumping puzzle in Queensdale
  • Can also drop from Swashbucker’s Cove jumping puzzle in Gendarran Fields or Troll’s End jumping puzzle in Lion’s Arch.

Tinsel – Asuran Chest – Fancy Glass and Short ones with sass

  • Item you need to acquire is Sparking Tinsel Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Spekk’s Laboratory jumping puzzle in Caldeon
  • Can also drop from Chaos Crystal Cavern jumping puzzle in Iron Marches

Purple Ball – Sylvari Chest – Inside a plant

  • Item you need to acquire is Purple Ball Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Morgan’s Spiral jumping puzzle in Caledon

Rocking Horse – Knotted Chest – Hard to make without really big hands

  • Item you need to acquire is Rocking Horse Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Shaman’s Rookery jumping puzzle in Wayfarer Foothills
  • Can also drop from Shattered Ice Ruins jumping puzzle in Frostgorge Sound

Gold Ball – Orrian Chest – Corrupted wood and sea smells

  • Item you need to acquire is Golden Ball Ornament
  • Drops from the chest at end of Buried Archives jumping puzzle in Cursed Shores

Green Ball – Iron Chest – ook-ooh, iron’s the clue

  • Item you need to acquire is Green Ball Ornament
  • Drops  from the chest at end of Pig Iron Mine jumping puzzle at Fireheart Rise
  • Can also drop from Loreclaw Expanse jumping puzzle in Plains of Ashford

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