A Crack in the Ice Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 3 Episode 3 “A Crack in the Ice”.

A Crack in the Ice (Story Journal)

Total achievements: 25 – 83AP

“A Crack in the Ice” Mastery – 21AP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete 21 eligible achievements. The reward for this is the Glacial Gauntlet Box.

Story Completion Achievements – 1AP – 1MP

Precocious Aurene – 0AP
Journal: Precocious Aurene Completed

Complete the story chapter “Precocious Aurene”

Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier – 0AP
Journal: Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier Completed

Complete the story chapter “Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier”

Frozen in Ice – 0AP
Journal: Frozen in Ice Completed

Complete the story chapter “Frozen in Ice”

Elixir Recipe – 0AP
Journal: Elixir Recipe Completed

Complete the story chapter “Elixir Recipe”

Elixir Cookin’ – 1AP
Journal: Elixir Cookin’ Completed

Complete the story chapter “Elixir Cookin’”

The Bitter Cold – 0AP
Journal: The Bitter Cold Completed

Complete the story chapter “The Bitter Cold”

Frozen Out – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: Frozen Out Completed

Complete the story chapter “Frozen Out”

Story Instance Achievements – 25AP

New in Box – 5AP
Story Instance: Precocious Aurene

Pretty easy achievement, during the step to instruct Aurene to gather fish, go to the location shown below on the map, and you can interact with a box of toys underwater, you will get a “Bundle of Children’s Toys”. Deliver it to the Priory arcanist to earn the achievement.

Vigilant – 5AP
Story Instance: Precocious Aurene

For this achievement you need to defend all the Vigil NPCs and make sure none of them are killed by the invading Mordrem from the portals around. Try to destroy the portals fast and stop the enemies before they engage with the NPCs.

Larva Conservationist – 5AP
Story Instance: The Bitter Cold

The Unstable Abomination can only take damage after you kill a larva close to it. The achievement requires you to defeat the champion without “wasting” any larva, so make sure you kill the larva ONLY when the champion is near.

Beasts Slain Quick – 5AP
Story Instance: Frozen Out

This achievement has a time limit, you need to kill the Ice Beast under 5 minutes. You can use Pulls to get the minions on the beast’s path while it is doing the charge attack. Once you complete the story step once, you can repeat and skip directly to the boss fight.

Stay Unfrosty – 5AP
Story Instance: Frozen Out

During the fight with the Ice Beast you need to avoid getting frozen. Avoid being near the ice rock where Rox was encased and watch out the Ice Beast attacks that looks like a charge attack, you can evade them.

Map Achievements – 23AP – 4MP

Thaw Elixir

The elixir is needed to survive The Bitter Cold area of the map by negating the effect of “Bitter Cold” grating you “Cold Resistance”. Once you complete the story step “Elixir Cookin” you will be able to create it only with that character. It says it has a duration of 24 hours but the effects will disappear at daily reset. So while you get it from doing the story, you might need to make it again, so here are the ingredients for it:

  • 12 Fresh Winterberry – Mostly gather Winterberry Bushes around the map
  • 8 Clump of Frostbitten Suet – Dropped by any creature in the map
  • 3 Cold Resistance Eggshell – Placing Abandoned Griffon Eggs in the Egg Warmer near Woomulla the heart quest NPC
  • 1 Grawl Firestone – Purchased from Sun Warming heart quest NPC for 1050 Karma

Once you have the ingredients, interact with the hot springs at the Blister Cauldron – [&BHwJAAA=] to brew the elixir.

Codex: Kodan – 3AP

Acquire all 5 Koda’s Flame abilities and then learn their history from a Flamebearer. First you have to obtain the Koda’s Flame mastery. You need to purchase and learn all five skills which requires you 250, 500, 750 and 1000 Unbound Magic for the last four skills. Once you buy all speak with the Flamebearer again and go through all the dialogue options for the achievement.

Delicious Desserts – 1AP

Purchase a Winterberry Sorbet from the Renown Vendor at the Hot Springs or craft it using the recipe obtained there as well. Underwater below Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary there are pods you can open by interacting with their doors. Find Koollan the Little Builder in one of the pods in the middle, he will be swimming around with Joohan and Killeekee. Give him the Winterberry Sorbet.

Heart, Moxie, and Many Sweaters – 5AP

You cannot obtain this achievement if you have taken the cold resistance elixir which will last a whole day. Go to the Bitter Cold area in the northeast of Bitterfrost Frontier and survive 20 stacks of the “Bitter Cold” debuff. You can easily survive this using the jackal mount and the bond of life mastery, but make sure you dismount before your mount loses all its health so you can get the barrier from the jackal. If you don’t have a mount you will need a build that will heal a lot over time or a party that can support you.

Quirky Quaggan Quest – 5AP – 1MP

Find dead quaggans then talk to Neekoolaa at the top of Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary.

  1. In a dark cave above the entrance to the bitter cold. Use the thermal tube to the south or climb the ledges. You may need the cold elixir to do this.
  2. Climb the first drop off of Joyless Falls
  3. Ascend the cliffs Southwest of the hot springs heading towards the vista.
  4. In an alcove within the cliffs northeast of the hot springs, where the thermal tube is.
  5. Under the water beneath Hailstone Floe.
  6. Under the water in Blizzard Basin.
  7. Neekoolaa is at the top of Sorrows Eclipse Sanctuary.

Thorough Sampling – 7AP

Open Icebound Chests hidden around Bitterfrost Frontier.

  1. Svanir Supplies – West of Maw of Corruption, inside the svanir building which is opened by the lever on the right side of the door.
  2. Hot Springs Depths – Swim to the bottom of the hot spring at Whorl Lagoon.
  3. Hurler’s Hoard – At the Veteran Ancient Jotun.
  4. Woomulla’s Cache – In one of the trees that require the bouncing mushrooms to reach in Griffon Old Growth.
  5. Eagle Flight’s Gear – In another one of the trees that require the bouncing mushrooms to reach in Griffon Old Growth.
  6. Woomulla’s Supplies – In a tree requiring the bouncing mushrooms to reach in Griffon Old Growth.
  7. Frozen Falls Stockpile – At Joyless Falls, open the waterfall using the device nearby to access the chest.
  8. Grawl Supplies – In the tunnels north of Hollow Bone Den
  9. Firestone Reserves – In the top left room of the grawl tunnels in Brakbrak Ice Snarl
  10. Kodan Nest Egg – Inside a small ice cave on top of Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary entered by a doorway on the Southeastern side.
  11. Bedside Dresser – Talk to Thoorne in Gooloopa Deeps to get the quaggan key and then enter his home pod by interacting with it.
  12. Dangerous Bridge Stock – Climb the hills directly northeast of the Whorl Lagoon to find a series of stepping stones. Cross the bridge and up another small set of stepping stones to arrive at an icy clearing filled with Icebrood Wolves and the Icebound Chest.
  13. Steam Crate – Start at the hill with a small stream on it northwest of Whorl Lagoon, accessed by a shallow incline near the entrance to the hot springs. Facing the small waterfall leading into the shallow stream, look to your right to find a steep, grassy incline. The top of this incline is marked by a tree, and to the northeast you should see a series of stepping stones jutting out of the mountain. Jump across these stones, passing another stream, proceeding over a precarious wooden rope bridge, and jumping up another series of stepping stones, you will come to an area with a small body of water, a dead quaggan, and a Thermal Tube. Activate the Thermal Tube to be launched across to the upper southern side of the hot springs, to find a chest next to the tallest but thinnest tree in this small area.
  14. Mushroom Trio Stash – Head south from Sorrow’s Eclipse. On a ledge above the east exit from Wayward Cave you’ll see three bouncing mushrooms. The center mushroom will take you to the chest.
  15. Unstable Remains – In the cave behind Lockflow Ice Fall (requires the thaw elixir).
  16. Diving Trunk – In the water at the bottom of the canyon below the diving goggles achievement Dive Master: Cold Feet (requires the thaw elixir).
  17. Frozen Ledge Package – At the end of a ledge at the most southeastern end of the Bitter Cold (requires the thaw elixir).
  18. Frozen Bridge Case – On a bridge in the western Bitter Cold (requires the thaw elixir).
  19. Frozen Peak Chest – On a frozen platform southwest of Lockflow Ice Fall (requires the thaw elixir).

Dive Master: Cold Feet – 1AP

Enter the Bitter Cold in the northeast of Bitterfrost Frontier and then take the diving goggles on top of the cliffs on the southeastern side. There are a few goggles at lower points you won’t want to go for. Jump straight out perpendicular to the cliff and go very slightly to the left landing between the goggles and the nearest ice pillar. There will be a cracked portion of the ice you want to fall through. If you don’t want to get the cold elixir to do this, it is very possible to get there and dive off with the goggles by using a flying mount.

Playing Chicken – 1AP

Find the chickens by the grawl totem in the cave in the north of Bitterfrost Frontier Brakbrak Ice Snarl. Choose one chicken and keep interacting with that same chicken to kick it over and over until it gets angry and retaliates. Get hit by it.

Mastery Insights – 3AP – 3MP

Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: Griffin Old Growth – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Right to the west of the heart quest “Help protect the endangered snow griffons”, use the bouncing mushroom to get up, and glide to southwest to reach the insight.

Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Bitter Cold – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. You need a Thaw Elixir so you are protected by Cold Resistance. Start from Sorrow’s Eclipse Waypoint – [&BH0JAAA=] and head to the east, right before the entrance to The Bitter Cold area, clip up the mountain to the south and jump across the platforms to reach the Thermal Tube with a warning sign. Use it to launch yourself and as soon you are losing altitude glide towards Lockflow Ice Fall. The insight is in a cave above the frozen waterfall.

Bitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Svanir Hive – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Start from Koda’s Welcome Waypoint – [&BIEJAAA=] and head north, then west to reach the hive, tale the thermal tube north of The Svanir Hive and it will drop you right above the insight.

Collections – 10AP

Cultural Attaché – 5AP

For this achievement you need to collect and bring Aurene 7 souvenirs from around Tyria to teach her about the cultures of the world. After completing the Precocious Aurene story instance you can revisit Aurene using the Exalted Portal Stone. Collect all 7 items and then return to her with them.

  • Watchknight Statue
    • Merchant – Travel slightly north of Crown Pavilion Waypoint – [&BCwDAAA=] in Divinity’s Reach to the karma vendor in a stall.

  • Small Charr Car
    • Quell – Southeast of Hero’s Waypoint – [&BKsDAAA=] in Black Citadel, a weaponsmithing merchant. Must be level 80 to purchase.

  • Souvenir Eir Statue
    • Uktur – South of Eastern Watchpost Waypoint in Hoelbrak – [&BI0DAAA=]

  • Model Asura Gates
    • Squik – In the middle platform at the top level of Rata Sum. Must be level 80 to purchase.

  • Sylvari Potted Plant
    • Leanna – At the Northeast corner of the middle level of The Grove northeast of Reckoner’s Waypoint – [&BLsEAAA=]

  • Caged Orrian Chicken
    • Agent Livilla – In Malchor’s Leap east of Doric’s Waypoint – [&BKcCAAA=] . They become a merchant allowing you to purchase it only after the Fight the Inquest Ornithologist event chain. You must do the pre-event to destroy the chicken coops before this, and if that fails you will need to kill the undead chickens and start over in 15 minutes.

  • Model Zephyr Sanctum
    • Dusk – Purchase from any of the tier merchants in Dry Top for 10 Geodes. Can only be purchased from tier 1 so you may need to wait for the sandstorm every hour.

Gift of Aurene – 5AP

Collect the 8 parts to create an Aurene mini. You can craft these or simply buy them from the Trading Post. You get the Token of Affection automatically by completing the Precocious Aurene story quest. If you decide to craft them you can buy the recipes from Slooshoo NPC in the Sorrows Eclipse Sanctuary –  [&BH0JAAA=] using Gold and Unbound Magic. Remember to right click the items and select the “add to collection” option.

  • Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame
    • Crafted by huntsman or Trading Post
  • Gossamer Stuffing
    • Crafted by tailors or Trading Post
  • Dragon Hatchling Doll Hide
    • Crafted by leatherworkers or Trading Post
  • Dragon Hatchling Doll Eye
    • Crafted by artificers or Trading Post
  • Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments
    • Crafted by jewelcrafters or Trading Post
  • Dragon Hatchling Doll
    • Click any of the previous items once you have all in your inventory and they will combine into this one
  • Aurenic Essence
    • Use the Exalted Portal Stone to present the doll to Aurene

Koda’s Blessing – 5AP

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