Condition P/P Daredevil PvP Build

GW2. Condition P/P Daredevil PvP Build. Thief.

Last Update: September 2023

The Condition Pistol/Pistol Daredevil is a Duelist thief build that uses the Bound dodge leap finisher with the Black Powder smoke field to easily and reliably gain stealth to activate the sneak shot for bleeding damage and output overwhelming amounts of blind. The sneak shot is also a series of five projectile finishers, so if you can aim it through the black powder it will provide even more blinds which will also steal life due to the Cloaked in Shadow trait.

Aristocracy Rune grants might whenever you apply weakness, and since every dodge will give you weakening strikes, it supplements your burst from the sneak shot combo. Use Thousand Needles on objectives you want to fight on.

Basic Combo: Pistol 5 > Dodge > Pistol 1 > 4 > Pistol 5 > Dodge > Pistol 1 > 4

When High on initiative but low on dodges, or for AoE damage, swap to shortbow

Shortbow 4 > 2 > 111




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