Condition Core Necromancer PvP Build

GW2. Condition Core Necromancer PvP Build. Power Core Necromancer PvP Build. DPS Necromancer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

Condition Variant

The Condition Core Necromancer is a DPS that specializes more in disruption and debilitation than pure pressure. While it does have great damage over time, it is more of utility based DPS because of the amount of CC it can do with Fears, putting out weakness to counter power classes, corrupting boons of tankier classes, and consuming or transferring back conditions. While this is a safe build, it may still be focused if not positioned well.

Basic Rotations:

  • Staff 2/3/4/5 > Pistol 2/3 > Warhorn 4 > Enter Shroud
  • Shroud 2/5/3/4 > Shroud 111 > Exit Shroud
  • Pistol 2/3 > Staff 23 > Enter Lich Form

Lich Form: 5 > 3 > 111 (always press 2 the entire time)

Try to use all weapon skills before going into shroud, but prioritize using fear skills such as Warhorn 4, Staff 5, and Shroud 3 if you can land them because these will allow you to land much more abilities while the enemy is feared. If you are pressured or need to make the fight go faster, enter shroud after casting your most powerful weapon skills.



Demon Queen

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Power Variant

The Core Power Necromancer is a like a ranged Blood Reaper, it is much safer but does less AoE and burst damage. However, it has really long fear durations which it can use with quickness to focus down single targets. Essentially this is more of a Roamer than a DPS.

Basic Rotations:

  • Staff 2/3/4/5 > Axe 2 > Warhorn 4/5 > Enter Shroud
  • Shroud 5/3 > Shroud 111 > Exit Shroud
  • Axe 2 > Staff 2 > Spectral Ring > Enter Lich Form

(Quickness Lich) Lich 5 > 3 > 1 1 1 (always press 2 the entire time)

Use all weapon skills before going into shroud, and spam 1 in shroud after landing fear for maximum damage from quickness.



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  1. Hey there! I was wondering if there is a power version like this for wvw core necro??

  2. I’m trying to understand why we use Wizard over something like Carrion. Why take precision on a primarily condition build?

    • Read the Curses traits, you want precision so you can put more conditions from critical, bleed and weakness specifically, while at same time Precision is directly more Condition Damage.

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