Condition Willbender PvP Build

GW2. Condition Willbender PvP Build. DPS Burn Guardian PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Condition Willbender is a DPS guardian PvP build which can support its team with plenty of condition cleanses from Flowing Resolve and Purging Flames while also dishing out heavy burning damage at range with pistols or in melee with the sword and torch.

Torch 4 has two parts and two charges to it. The first part begins a pulsing burn around you which can’t be blocked, and the second is a toss which deals good power and condition damage. You want to be in melee range when using this because the projectile of the toss can be a bit slow to land, but also because you will be pulsing burning on them while nearby. Use Sword 2 or F1 before using the Torch 4 to get into range and then use both charges of the Torch 4 to get your damage out. Try to wait for or bait dodges before doing this as it is a huge burst.

You can pressure out cooldowns easily with the pistol attacks. Always cast the Pistol 3 symbol before casting your Pistol 4 to shoot through it and gain extra burning. Also the Pistol 5 can be used as a ranged CC, but when fully charged it can pass through the target and knock them back from the opposite side, essentially knocking them towards you.

Basic Combo: Sword 2 > F1 > Torch 4×2 > Pistol 3 > 4 > 2

Team Fight DPS: Purging Flames > F3 > Whirling Light > Torch 4×2 > Sword 2 > F1 > Torch 5

Mobility is your main method of survival, so save a few of your movement abilities or teleports to create distance away from enemies chasing you.



CarrionSword / TorchSmoldering / Doom
BalthazarPistol / PistolDoom / Energy

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  1. The combo section doesnt make sense. It says to swap from scepter to torch but they are the same set. The build uses sc/t and sw/sw

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