End of Dragons Act 2 Story Achievements Guide

GW2. End of Dragons. Story Achievements Act 2. Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide.

End of Dragons: Act 2 Mastery – 15AP – 1MP

This is the meta-achievement, you need to complete 14 eligible achievements.

Story Completion Achievements – 3AP – 3MP

The Scenic Route – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “The Scenic Route”

The Future in Jade – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “The Future in Jade”

Deepest Secrets – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “Deepest Secrets”

Story Instance Achievements – 14AP

The Scenic Route

All to Code – 1AP

For this achievement you will be asked to fill out the travel documents and you will have to choose what to put on it. I’m not totally sure if this achievement has multiple ways to complete it with different combinations, but this one will work to earn the achievement:

  1. Fill in your name as “Commander”
  2. Just enter “Tyrian”
  3. Enter “Saving the world from catastrophic entropy and chaos”

NOTE: This achievement is mutually exclusive with “Take That, Bureaucrats!”.

Take That, Bureaucrats! – 1AP

When asked to fill out the travel documents choose the incorrect options. This achievement might have multiple ways to complete it as well, but this one will work to earn the achievement:

  1. Write in “Grand Pooh-Bad” for your name
  2. Put down “Quaggan”
  3. Enter “Sightseeing”

NOTE: This achievement is mutually exclusive with “All to Code”.

Tracking Number – 1AP

During the fight against the Jade Tech Loader don’t get hit by any crate. The crate attack is slow and very easy to dodge. A red circle will show where the crate will impact, just be sure to not waste your dodges and you will get this achievement easily.

The Premium Tour – 3AP

For this achievement you need to “experience” a total of 16 things in the New Kaineng City docks. You can do this after the story without leaving the instance. There are some papers or books to interact and some NPC with dialogue options, others will start talking as soon you walk near them. Check the map below with all the locations and a video guide as well if you need more details:

The Future in Jade

Industrial Espionage – 1AP

As soon as you get into the control room and get access to the scanner, you can find the four documents around the instance to earn this achievement. You need to scan the items to reveal them.

  1. At the control room right next to the scanner
  2. At the observation room in the lower level, on a desk
  3. At the same observation room behind the cylinder device
  4. At the larger observation room in the higher level, on a desk

Ribbit! – 1AP

Scan the second set of jade power cells without touching the water, with or without the scanner stowed. You can’t glide and must jump on the moving platforms at the right timing. Check the video below if you want to see how its done:

Duct Cleaning – 1AP

While flying with the Jade Bot, you will find some Rats around the ducts. As soon as you fly near them a Special Action Skill will show up which will make a Static Discharge to kill the rat, you need to get rid of 12 rats total.

Time Pilot – 1AP

When you get to control the Jade Bot, you need to find and scan all of the jade power cells before the time runs out. You have 1:30 minutes, the best path to do it is starting with the ducts above, see the video below for the route that I suggest:

Deepest Secrets

Got Her Back – 1AP

For this achievement you need to protect Mai Trin while she overrides the security and avoid the Jade guards to interrupt her. As long as you pull the aggro of most enemies and prevent her death, you will get the achievement.

Mai Goodness – 1AP

As soon as Mai Trin finishes with the security, don’t continue to the elevator, instead go to the southwest area of the room, you will see a few buildings, there is Joon’s office. As soon you reach the gate, Marjory will open the door and you can interact with the documents inside to earn this achievement. You can do this achievement and Lost Password at the same time.

Lost Password – 1AP (Hidden)

Inside Joon’s office (where Mai Goodness achievement is) you can interact with the console and choose the following options:

  1. Snoop around in Joon’s data files
  2. Try to access “Private” file
  3. Dont do anything, wait 15 seconds, and a new option will appear
  4. Read the unencrypted file

It’s a Mercy – 1AP

When you need to escape from the control center, you will have an optional goal “Defeat the Risen Xunlai Workers”. For the achievement you need to defeat all the risen enemies. There are 27 before you open the main gate, and 5 more inside the gate.


End of Dragons Act 3 Story Achievements Guide


  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but I got every achievement except “Time Pilot” and I am still at 13/14 achievements for the meta achievement. I also got the hidden one “Lost Password”. Is there maybe an error in your guide that you need to complete all 14 non hidden achievements? “Time Pilot” is also not listed in the meta achievement (unlike the hidden achievement from act one that is displayed after achieving it)

    • You are right, there are 15 achievements, and Lost Password doesnt count, ty for noticing I will fix now

  2. During time trial if you unmerge with jade bot, and relink again, timer resets to the 1min 30 secs, but battery’s do not reset. This makes it easier for slower people like myself.

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