End of Dragons Act 5 Story Achievements Guide

GW2. End of Dragons. Story Achievements Act 5. Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide.

End of Dragons: Act 5 Mastery – 15AP – 1MP

This is the meta-achievement, you need to complete 13 achievements.

Story Completion Achievements – 3AP – 3MP

Extraction Point – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “Extraction Point”

The Only One – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “The Only One”

The Cycle, Reborn – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “The Cycle, Reborn”

Story Instance Achievements – 12AP

Extraction Point

Competent Commander – 1AP

As soon as you get in Dragon’s End, you will need to plant some extractors, and you can notice in the map some allies to talk with, they have the dialogue icon (white dialogue bubble icon), mostly in the corners of the map. Interact with all of them (five total) to earn this achievement.

True Ending – 1AP

Before going to the next instance, participate in the map meta-event to earn this achievement, you don’t need to succeed the event to earn it.

NOTE: If you missed it, you can replay the chapter and just participate in the meta, it will count as long the story chapter is active.

The Only One

A Real Hero – 1AP

During the first part where you need to defend Joon and Taimi at the extractor against waves of Void minions, you need to survive for 3 minutes, you can’t go down. Avoid going on top of the walls or leaving the area or you will receive a debuff Devouring Void doing damage over time.

Besides the enemies attacking you, the hardest factor here is the debuff Call of the Void that will cut your max health by 25% and will add extra stacks each 45 seconds aprox. So near the end your health will be so low that any enemy hit can make you fail. One trick that works pretty well to complete this very easily, is using stealth to avoid all the enemies.

Undeterred – 1AP

Reach the final phase without being downed. Make sure to take advantage of the extra dodges your character is given with the Aurene powers.

Rapid Ascent – 1AP

Reached the top of the tower in the allotted time. Complete all the platform fights and climb to the final battle under 14 minutes.

Unconquered – 1AP

Make your final stand without being downed. Complete the final fight without being downed.

Cancel the Apocalypse – 1AP

Complete your final stand in the allotted time. Defeat The Void under 5 minutes

The Cycle, Reborn

Stayed ’til the End – 1AP

Watch the entire end credits roll. While you are at Arborstone, don’t leave the instance until the credits finish.

Until We Meet Again – 3AP

Check in with all your friends and allies in Arborstone. While the credits are happening, you can start talking with every single NPC on the instance, listen to all the dialogue to earn this achievement.

I Brought Flowers – 1AP

When you exit Arborstone you will be teleported to Divinity Reach, before enter the bar, interact with the Merchant NPC to get the flowers, then inside interact with the Flower Vase next to Marjory and you will earn the achievement.

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