Power Axe Berserker PvP Build

GW2. Power Axe Berserker PvP Build. Warrior 2023.

The Power Axe Berserker is a DPS with low mobility but extremely high damage and CC potential. It can survive with stances to stay in the middle of large fights while sticking to its target with cripples and stuns.

Entering and leaving Berserk Mode will apply quickness, superspeed, stability, healing per damage, and physical damage immunity. This means you can leave berserk strategically to mitigate a specific attack, improve your movement speed to catch up to a target, give quickness to your Axe 5, or to stomp an enemy with stability.

Basic Combo: Shield 4 > Headbutt > Enter Berserk > Swap > Axe 2 > F1 > 3 > 4 > Leave Berserk > 5



Last Update: Feb 2023


Axe / AxeHeal / Utility / Elite
Mace / Shield


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