Power Axe Berserker PvP Build

GW2. Power Axe Berserker PvP Build. Warrior.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Axe Berserker is a DPS with more telegraphed attacks, but extremely high damage and CC potential. It can survive using the staff and while waiting for the berserk mode which provides immunities and the potential to do their burst combo.

Entering and leaving Berserk Mode will apply quickness, superspeed, stability, and physical damage immunity. This means you can leave berserk mode by recasting F2 strategically. At the cost of losing the ability to cast your Primal Bursts, you can gain the utility of mitigating a specific attack, improving your movement speed to catch up to a target, giving quickness to your Axe 5, or to stomp an enemy with stability.

Basic Combo: Staff 3 > 4 > Swap > Axe 4 > 2 > 3 > Enter Berserk F2 > F1 > Axe 5 > Exit Berserk if necessary

If Staff 4 misses, your Axe combo will not reliably hit, so you can enter Berserk Mode early and use the Staff Primal Burst F1 which immobilizes, then swap to your Axe combo.

Use Sundering Leap or Bull’s Charge at any point in the combo if enemies run away and you need a gap closer, or to disengage when being focused.



Axe / AxeHeal / Utility / Elite


Utility: instead of Balanced Stance

Midnight King

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  1. i am cant use staff in warrrior because i dont have SoTO…. i replace staff for what wep? or dont work… ?

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