Power Herald PvP Build

GW2. Power Herald PvP Build. Revenant.

Last Update: September 2023

The Power Herald is a Roamer that plays like a sturdy assassin. It can focus key targets while also providing lots of presence to its team through boon sharing and CC. The powerful facet of light in the glint stance and staff skills make it hard to focus despite being squishy and susceptible to lock down.

The power herald is a high momentum build that thrives on constantly moving and getting kills for its team, so staying away from situations where you are alone or avoiding enemies who will waste your time helps you to keep getting kills quickly.

Standard Opener: Shiro Heal > Phase Traversal > F2 Consume > Sword 2/3/4/5

CC Combo: Staff 5 > Glint Elite > Facet of Elements Consume > Shiro Jade Winds > F2 Consume > Sword 2/3/4/5




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  1. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to make Revenant class even worth playing? I´ve tried 4 different PvP builds and it is weak in every way possible. If I want to be more tanky I deal no damage if I choose to go for more DPS I die in second. I just want to know if anybody can make Rev to be on same level of Warrior defense and DPS. So far all the builds that I´ve tried were really trash. Even when I went for max DPS it was nothing compare to Warrior max DPS.

  2. Its weak for an heroic mode 1v4, but if you understand when and whero to go, herald is GOD.

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