Power Soulbeast PvP Build

GW2. Power Soulbeast PvP Build. Roamer Ranger PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

Longbow Variant

The Power Soulbeast is a high damage Roamer ranger PvP build with the ability to do its burst from afar. While it is one of the less mobile roamers it has great sustain and access to stealth with the smokescale F2 smoke cloud and Greatsword 3 Leap.

“Sic ‘Em” is a huge damage boost to your pet, but since soulbeasts become their pet when merged, sic ’em will buff you while you merge with the pet. Use this buff in combination with One Wolf Pack to buff up your big Rapid Fire bursts.

Basic Combos:

  • Merge > One Wolf Pack > Sic Em > Longbow 2 > F2
  • Merge > Longbow 4 > 2 > Swap > F2 > F3 > Unmerge > Greatsword 2 > 5 > 2 > F2 > 3






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Sword Variant

For less of a Roamer but more of a DPS oriented version, replacing the Longbow with Sword/Warhorn and losing the Wilderness Survival traits for Skirmishing will give much more damage but much less sustain and versatility. Being a fully melee build means you can’t chase kills as easily, but you also aren’t countered by projectile blocks in team fights, allowing you to stick to your targets provided you are supported by your allies as well.

Both the Smokescale and Boar merged abilities are great for comboing with your “Sic ‘Em!” burst. The F1 on the Boar does massive damage, the Smokescale has a port to the target, and both pets have CC for landing your burst. After using a gap closer or CC try to land any of your big weapon burst skills, so try to alternate between them.

Gap Closers: Sword 3, Sword 2, Greatsword 3, Smokescale F2

CC: Sword 3, Greatsword 5, Smokescale F1, Boar F2

Burst: Sword 2, Greatsword 2, Boar F1, Smokescale F3

Use “Sic ‘Em!” while merged to gain a damage bonus for when your burst combo is ready.

Example Burst:

  • Unmerged F1> Warhorn 5 > 4 > Merge
  • Sword 3 > 2 + “Sic ‘Em!” > F2 > F1 > Swap Pet and Weapon
  • Merged Boar F1 > F2 > Greatsword 2 > 5 > 2





  • Utility: instead of Sic Em

BerserkerSword / WarhornEnergy/Cleansing

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  1. what are your keyboard bindings for this build? there are a lot of buttons to press here…

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