Power Tools Holosmith PvP Build

GW2. Power Tools Holosmith PvP Build. Static Discharge Roamer Engineer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Tools Holosmith is a roamer engineer PvP build with superspeed to control its positioning to survive while moving around the map to get kills. Static Discharge along with low cooldown Tool Belt skills and Explosive Entrance on Dodging can add tons of extra damage to any burst combo all in the span of a single animation. Entering and exiting Photon Forge also counts as a Tool Belt skill, which can give Vigor or condition cleansing.

You want to be going in and out of the Photon Forge a lot, so Vent Exhaust will manage your heat when you dodge. Using dodges even when you have nothing to dodge can be useful because it will cause your next attack to trigger an Explosive Entrance for even more damage, but be careful not to waste all of them. The strongest damaging skills in Photon Forge are the 3 and 4, but use the 2 constantly to leap and remove movement inhibiting conditions and gain superspeed. When you gain quickness from the Kinetic Battery or Elixir U, you can use the Forge auto attack chain very fast.

Make sure to use the Particle Accelerator Tool Belt skill when using your burst combos to enable the damage modifier from Vigor which you gain on using tool belt skills.

Basic Combo

  • Forge > 2 > 3 > 4 > 111 > Dodge > 2 > 3 > Leave Forge
  • Shield 4 (Knock Back) > Particle Accelerator > Sword 3 > 2

In between your bursts you can kite with Superspeed from Holo Forge 2 or manage your heat by using Mortar abilities while the heat cools off.

Heal Combo: Mortar 5 > Coolant Blast > Forge 5 > 2 (or Shield 4 > Sword 3)



Sword / ShieldHeal / Utility / Elite
Mortar KitPhoton Forge


  • Utility: instead of a second stun break
  • Elite: for more burst combo potential


  • Tools: for more damage if you don’t need the reveal
  • Holosmith: for more damage at the cost of condition cleanse

BerserkerSword / ShieldEnergy/Exposure

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  1. How would using hammer change the playstyle? Maybe use marauder amulet to make up for some defensives?

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