Provisioner Token Guide

GW2. How to get Provisioner Tokens in Guild Wars 2.

UPDATE: With the introduction of Secrets of the Obscure, these Provisioner Tokens are necessary for the Skyscale collection. The expansion maps added 11 Faction Provisioners, check below on this guide.

What Are Provisioner Tokens?

Provisioner Tokens are a currency that can be earned by trading certain items to Faction Provisioners in various zones of Heart of Maguuma or to Provisioners in major cities. These tokens can be used to to buy Bloodbound weapons but most importantly to buy legendary crafting materials.

costs 50 Provisioner Tokens and is needed to make Legendary Runes, Legendary Sigils, and to make a piece of the PvE Raid Legendary Armor.

There are nine vendors available and up to 33 tokens can be earned daily, except the vendors who exchange tokens for items which are daily-gated already such as:

  • – Crafting level 450
  • – Crafting level 450
  • – Crafting level 450
  • – 25 at a place of power (Hero Point)

If you already have some of those from crafting you can buy the tokens without limitations, otherwise you need to stick to the daily routine.

Faction Provisioners

The main six Provisioners are located in each major city, and there are three more in Heart of Maguuma maps, next you can see each location and the items they need in exchange for the Provisioner Token.

Lion’s Arch – Skritt Trader

Commodore’s Quarter Waypoint – [&BAwEAAA=]

  • 1 – 1 Token Daily
  • 5 – 1 Token Daily
  • 1 – 1 Token Daily

Black Citadel – Ash Legion Provisioner

Diessa Gate Waypoint – [&BKgDAAA=]

  • 1 – 1 Token Daily
  • 20 – 1 Token Daily
  • 12 – 1 Token Daily

Divinity’s Reach – Temple Quartermaster

Ministers Waypoint – [&BP4EAAA=]

  • 1 – Unlimited
  • 34 – 1 Token Daily
  • 4 – 1 Token Daily

Hoelbrak – Aym

Trade Commons Waypoint – [&BIYDAAA=]

  • 1 – Unlimited
  • 20 – 1 Token Daily
  • 14 – 1 Token Daily

Rata Sum – Synergetics Intern

Accountancy Waypoint – [&BLYEAAA=]

  • 1 – Unlimited
  • 24 – 1 Token Daily
  • 14 – 1 Token Daily

The Grove – Warden Eve

Reckoner’s Waypoint – [&BLsEAAA=]

  • 1 – 1 Token Daily
  • 3 – 1 Token Daily
  • 14 – 1 Token Daily

Verdant Brink – Quartermaster Natomi

Shipwreck Peak Waypoint – [&BN4HAAA=]

This Provisioner offers different options to buy each token, up to 6 tokens daily.

Auric Basin – Scavenger Rakatin

Wanderer’s Waypoint – [&BNYHAAA=]

This Provisioner offers different options to buy each token, up to 4 tokens daily.

Tangled Depths – Supply Assistant

Ogre Camp Waypoint – [&BMwHAAA=]

This Provisioner offers different options to buy each token, up to 5 tokens daily.

Waypoint Chat Codes


Raid Challenge Modes

There is also a method to gain up to 26 Provisioner Tokens from doing weekly challenge mode raids. Each challenge mode will reward 2 Provisioner Tokens up completion per week, doing these may be difficult, but it’s an alternative to earn extra tokens. If you are interested on this check the Raid Guides.

Dugan – World vs World

Dugan can be found in any WvW map at the spawn area and in Armistice Bastion, he will sell a max of 25 Provisioner Tokens per week.

Each one will cost: 10 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets + 5 Badge of Honor + 5 Testimonies of Jade Heroics. It is a good alternative for World vs World veteran players.

Secrets of the Obscure Expansion

The fourth expansion added 10 Faction Provisioners around Skywatch Archipelago and Amnytas maps, and they sell daily tokens. An extra Faction Provisioner can be found in The Wizard’s Tower and sells tokens without limit at a higher price.

Some of these Provisioners will sell 5 tokens in exchange for a Stormforged or Storm’s Eye weapon.

Skywatch Archipielago – Astral Ward Protector

Beacon of Ages Waypoint – [&BCsOAAA=]

Skywatch Archipielago – Researcher

Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint – [&BOANAAA=]

Skywatch Archipielago – Zaishen Warrior

Astral Ward Encampment Waypoint – [&BA4OAAA=]

Skywatch Archipielago – Kestrel Watchkeeper

Kestrel’s Vow Waypoint – [&BD8OAAA=]

Skywatch Archipielago – Deldrimor Dwarf

Droknar’s Light Waypoint – [&BL4NAAA=]

Amnytas – Astral Ward Mage

Bastion of the Natural Waypoint – [&BDQOAAA=]

Amnytas – Astral Ward Protector

Bastion of the Obscure Waypoint – [&BEcOAAA=]

Amnytas – Astral Ward Mage

Bastion of Balance Waypoint – [&BD0OAAA=]

Amnytas – Astral Ward Skirmish

Bastion of Strength Waypoint – [&BNMNAAA=]

Amnytas – Astral Ward Skirmish

Bastion of Knowledge Waypoint – [&BEIOAAA=]

The Wizard’s Tower – Rend Scorchmaul

Tower Courtyard Waypoint – [&BB8OAAA=]

This Faction Provisioner doesn’t have a daily limit.

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