“Sic ‘Em” Soulbeast PvP Build

GW2. Sic ‘Em Soulbeast PvP Build. Ranger 2022.

The Sic ‘Em Soulbeast is a high damage Roamer with the ability to do it’s burst from afar. While it is one of the less mobile roamers it has great sustain and access to stealth with the smokescale cloud and greatsword leap.

“Sic ‘Em” is a huge damage boost to your pet, but since soulbeasts become their pet when merged, sic ’em will buff you while you merge with the pet. Use this buff in combination with One Wolf Pack to buff up your big Rapid Fire bursts.

Basic Combos: Merge > One Wolf Pack > Sic Em > Longbow 2 > F2

Merge > Longbow 4 > LB2 > Swap > F2 > F1 > F3 > Unmerge > Greatsword 2 > GS5 > GS2 > F2 > GS3



Last Update: Feb 21



Amulet: Berserker

Longbow (Separation/Exposure)

Rune: Divinity

Greatsword (Energy/Cleansing)

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