Support DPS Scourge PvP Build

GW2. Support DPS Scourge PvP Build. Support DPS Necromancer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Support Scourge is a Support/DPS necromancer build for PvP that rips the boons off of enemies and gains boons for itself while providing lots of barrier to itself and allies. The shades can be placed on objectives to grant the barrier to allies while positioning yourself away from them so you can be safer. The build lacks stun or disengage, so when you have support you can play aggressively but when lacking it use terrain more.

While it has great support for its allies through barrier application and the Vampiric Aura and AoE boon removal, it also has decent single target focus potential from the Axe and Dagger weapons.

Single Target Burst: Focus 5 > Axe 2 > Dagger 2 (OR) Dagger 3 > Dagger 2 > Axe 2

Removing boons from enemies will grant you barrier and barrier will grant you might, alacrity, and condition cleanse. Use your utility skills and Shade (F1-5) skills in between your weapon bursts to also gain barrier. Save your Elite Skill Ghastly Breach for big team fights on nodes, cleaving downed enemies, or placing it on top of those you immobilize with dagger 3.

Because Scourges do not have shroud like core and reapers which reduces damage taken while soaking it, the barriers they get do not last as long against power damage. Positioning is important to avoid being focused because burst damage is extremely effective against scourges. Try to trade damage when your barriers are up but always keep moving and placing sand shades near the objective to make it hard for enemies to focus you.



AvatarDagger/ DaggerEnergy/Revocation
TravelerAxe / FocusCourage/Intelligence

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