Tangled Paths Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 2 Episode 6 “Tangled Paths”.

Tangled Paths (Story Journal)

Total achievements: 8 – 50AP

“Tangled Paths” Mastery – 5AP – 1MP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete all 6 eligible achievements. The rewards for this are 5AP, 1 Mastery Point and the Plague Signet Ascended Ring with Sinister’s stats.

Story Completion Achievements – 0AP – 1MP

Tangled Paths – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: “Tangled Paths” Completed

Once you complete the story episode, you will earn this achievement and unlock all the rest of the achievements, you can replay the episode and you will see Purple markers to replay each instance necessary for achievements. In other words you can’t earn any achievements during your first playthrough.

Story Instance Achievements – 45AP

Light ‘Em Up – 5AP
Story Instance: Tracking the Aspect Masters

This achievement happens before the boss fight, you need to go back to the beginning of the instance, and you will find a corpse and a flamethrower. Grab and use the flamethrower to kill the Grasping Jungle Tendrils and the Rooted Mordrem Leeching Thrasher. You can’t go downed or you will lose the flamethrower and you will need to restart the instance to get it again.

No Teragriff Pack Snack – 10AP
Story Instance: Tracking the Aspect Masters

During the boss fight you need to avoid getting hit by the Malformed Mordrem Teragriffs. These will spawn when the boss lands right after using his dive bomb attack. When the boss reaches 25% health more will spawn. Often the Teragriffs will aggro the NPCs so keep your distance and keep moving. Ranged and AoE attacks are the best option here.

Dancer in the Dark – 15AP
Story Instance: Tracking the Aspect Masters

For this achievement you need to activate the Challenge Mote at the start of the instance and defeat the Teragriff. The beginning of the instance is unchanged but the boss fight has extra mechanics:

  • The instance gets darker
  • The NPC’s won’t revive you if you go downed
  • The Teragriff’s dive bomb attacks are increased, they will overlap
  • The Teragriff’s shout (attack at 50% health) will cover the entire room
  • Besides the Malformed Teragriffs, some Grasping Jungle Tendrils are spawned as well

As soon as you start the fight, the boss will start using the dive bomb attack and several Tendrils will spawn trying to pull you in the orange circles, You can wait in the south west corner (right where the entrance path is) out of the Tendril range for a bit until the Teragriff lands and the Tendrils disappear, after this, the boss will start running in circles around the area and several Malformed Teragriffs will spawn in the center, clear them out quickly with AoE damage while kiting, then keep hitting the boss with ranged attacks evading his charge attack.

At 50% he will use the shout attack that will cover the entire area, you can interrupt the attack if you break the bar with CC skills, or you can dodge some of the damage or use some invulnerability skill, or healing. Then just keep evading his charge attack until he dies.

Connect the Dots – 5AP
Story Instance: Into the Labyrinth

To earn this achievement you need to rescue your allies in a specific order: Rox, Braham, Marjory and Kasmeer. Here you can see a map on how to reach to each one of them:

  • #1 Rox: Follow the red path
  • #2 Braham: Follow the blue path, you need to clear the enemies and wait for Rox to open the vines
  • #3 Marjory: Follow the green path
  • #4 Kasmeer: Follow the pink path
  • #5 Boss: Follow the white path to reach the center of the maze

Master of the Maze – 5AP
Story Instance: Into the Labyrinth

While you are rescuing your allies and going to the center of the maze, you need to avoid getting hit by the Mordrem Lurcher that is patrolling the maze. The achievement only fails if the Lurcher actually hits you with its stun attack. So taking stealth, evades, or other cooldowns to make it to the next safe spot will help. The NPCs will aggro it too and you can run past.

Labyrinth Runner – 5AP
Story Instance: Into the Labyrinth

For this achievement simply complete the instance under 20 minutes. You should have time left if you follow the route in the map above, and if you still have difficulties, avoid fighting while rescuing your allies and run past the Mordrem to directly interact with the NPC and move away.

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