Tools Holosmith PvP Build

GW2. Tools Holosmith PvP Build. Static Discharge Engineer 2022.

The Tools Holosmith is a roamer engineer build with superspeed to control its positioning to survive while moving around the map to get kills. Static Discharge and Kinetic Battery are easily triggered by entering and exiting Photon Forge. Vent Exhaust allows you to dodge to remove heat, which lets you stay in Photon Forge longer and to keep getting the superspeed from the Holo Leap (2) and spam more Corona Burst (3).

Remember that casting Corona Burst (Forge 3) is the most valuable skill because it gives might and vulnerability with a wide AoE and can also be used right before you overheat, and so long as you leave forge before the heat reaches 100% you won’t overheat.

Basic Combos: Tool Kit 5 > Tool Kit 3 > Shield 4 > Throw Wrench + Particle Accelerator > Sword 3 > 2

Forge 2 > 3 > Slick Shoes > Throw Wrench + Particle Accelerator > Forge 5 > 111



Last Update: Oct 9


Sword / ShieldHeal / Utility / Elite
Tool KitPhoton Forge

BerserkerSword / ShieldEnergy/Exposure

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