Arborstone Achievements Guide

GW2. End of Dragons. Arborstone Achievements. Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide.

Total achievements: 23 – 107AP – 8MP

Getting Started

The End of Dragons expansion introduces Arborstone as a hub of operations similar to Eye of the North. Players can build a base and unlock more services and vendors through a mastery track called Arborstone Revitalization. By default this is a place that grants convenient access to the new Strike Missions.

When you complete the Fallout story step of End of Dragons you will gain an that will instantly teleport your character to the hub with unlimited uses. You can also access it from the Asura Gate located at Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint – [&BBEEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch.

  • Arborstone Revitalization
    • Mastery unlock
      • Base of Operations: Adds the Fishmonger, Fishing Supplies merchant and an asura gate to Lion’s Arch.
      • Crafting Center: Unlocks Crafting stations for all professions on the upper level.
      • Entertaining Amenities: Gives access to a gladiator arena (PvP).
      • Commercial Hub: Adds Bank, Guild Bank, Trading Post and Mystic Forge along with some vendors.
      • Globalization: Adds the Legendary Crafting Merchant Leivas and unlocks the ability to purchase Antique Summoning Stones from him.
    • Extra unlock
      • Complete EoD story: Gives access to Club Canach, you can get there though a cave near the fishing merchants.


Arborstone Diver – 1AP

Use diving goggles to jump from an ancient archway in Arborstone. These are high above the northwestern pillar.

Hide-and-Seek in Arborstone – 5AP

Win 20 games of hide-and-seek with the tengu fledgling in Arborstone. First speak to the fledgling on the third floor of Arborstone. There are ten locations that the fledgling can be found. The map below shows them in an order that is convenient to check all of them. After checking the 8th, take the zip line up to 9.

Arborstone Hide-and-Seek Master – 5AP – 1MP

Find the hiding tengu fledgling from the previous achievement within 60 seconds. Use the order of the map above to quickly check locations. Once the timer runs out, you can keep looking for the fledgling to progress the previous achievement, or you can reset the fledgling by going to the character select screen.

Arborstone Vaulter – 10AP

Interact with the Singer’s Spirit on the third floor to be able to collect Blessings of Arborstone. Ascend the roots while collecting them and return them to the Singer’s Fountain before the time runs out. You need to collect a total of 500 throughout multiple attempts.

Arborstone Vaulter Extraordinaire – 10AP

Collect all possible Blessings of Arborstone and return them to the top of the cathedral in one attempt. There are 51 total, and you can see how many you have collected so far in the attempt by looking at the stacks on your buff bar. The time limit is 3 minutes which will be enough to attempt with different mounts, however using the Skyscale is recommended.

Winn’s Favorite Patron – 3AP

Tip Winn 50 gold by interacting with the Tip Jar. Can only be accessed after completing the story and entering Club Canach – [&BHoNAAA=]

Lucky Guess – 3AP

Pick the winning moa racer in Club Canach. Every 25 minutes or so this event will spawn inside Club Canach. Speak to Tigg Thundergrowl and pick one of the moas. With 1/5 chance to win, you may need to repeat this event several times.

Fan of the Band – 3AP title: Jazz Connoisseur

Donate to the band’s funds. 5000 canach coins. Can only be accessed after completing the story and entering Club Canach. Canach Coins can be gained by:

  • Beginner “Canach Says” Console
  • Advanced “Canach Says” Console
  • Expert “Canach Says” Console
  • Participating in the events at Club Canach
  • Picked up from Shrine Guardian chests around Cantha

Building a Better Bot – 4AP – 1MP

Retrieve a variety of behavioral data to help build a better bot. Begin by speaking to Nozomi in the Quartermaster’s Row on the second floor of Arborstone. This will unlock a series of achievements which must be completed in this order:

  • Golem Behavior Analysis
  • Speak to Nozomi
  • Mech Behavior Analysis
  • Speak to Nozomi

Golem Behavior Analysis – 3AP (Hidden)

Complete 4 behavior scans in Tyria.

  • Scan the CLEAN Golem at the Thaumanova Reactor in Metrica Province – [&BEcAAAA=] This is the heart quest vendor.

  • Defeat the Golem Mark II in Mount Maelstrom – [&BNQCAAA=] during the world boss event. Find the timer for it here.

  • Scan a deactivated DYN 4652 golem at Goldenlight Hallow – [&BD8CAAA=] in Timberline Falls.

  • Scan a golem memory module at the Inquest Hexfoundry G-14 in Sparkfly Fen, south of Darkweather Waypoint – [&BM0BAAA=]

This requires completion of a jumping puzzle, which the video below shows how to do.

Credit to A Void Me for the video.

Mech Behavior Analysis – 3AP (Hidden)

Complete 6 behavior scans in Cantha. This achievement is unlocked after completing Golem Behavior Analysis and speaking to Nozomi again.

  • Complete either of the events “Escort the jade mech reinforcements to the perimeter camp” started at Officer Tae, or “Escort Officer Jian to Usoku’s Watchtower” in Seitung Province at Provisional MinSec Camp – [&BE8NAAA=]

  • Scan the Distressed Mech outside the Ministry of Transit – [&BJUMAAA=] in Seitung Province.

  • Complete either of the events “Restrain the haywire vendor mech!” or “Catch the runaway custodial mech!” in New Kaineng. These events can spawn in multiple locations, but I would recommend check at Red Duck Tea House – [&BPsMAAA=]

  • Attend Tae-Jin’s party at his estate – [&BAsNAAA=] in New Kaineng. Protect Tae-Jin from the Jade Brotherhood or the event will fail.

  • Scan the prototype mech at the Nahpui Lab – [&BLoMAAA=] in New Kaineng City.

  • Scan a Scrapped Jade Mech at the Xunlai Jade Junkyard – [&BBUNAAA=] in Echovald Wilds.

The End of the Celestial Ministry – 5AP – 1MP

Assist Researcher Hui in gathering a history of the Celestial Ministers. Follow a series of events in this order:

  • 1. Start by meeting Hui at the top of the Kestrel Archives in Arborstone.

  • 2. Speak to Xiaobo in the lower level of Gwangsan Hill, south of Ministry Ward Waypoint – [&BBkNAAA=]

  • 3. Search the Bookshelf on the second floor of the southeastern corner of the Ministry of Archives – [&BLIMAAA=]

  • 4. Return to Hui in Arborstone.
  • 5. Meet Ju at her flower stand in Bori Ward, at northwest of Lutgardis Market – [&BEcNAAA=]

  • 6. Find rare flowers to get Ju to speak with you. These are part of another hidden achievement. Look below at “A Blooming Errand” to progress.
  • 7. Return to Ju.
  • 8. Return to Hui.
  • 9. Speak with Suyin in a warehouse near west of Petrified Shipping Docks – [&BB8NAAA=].

  • 10. Complete the “Brothers in Harms” achievement by completing 4 events around New Kaineng involving fighting the Jade Brotherhood.
  • 11. Return to Suyin
  • 12. Return to Hui.
  • 13. Disrupt Purist activity by completing the “Pure Enmity” achievement shown below.
  • 14. Return to Hui.

A Blooming Errand – 1AP (Hidden)

Find 4 rare flowers across Tyria. This achievement cannot be progressed until reaching Ju in “The End of the Celestial Ministry” achievement (step 5).

  • 1. Find Alpine Lilies in one of two places. There is an Alpine Lily behind the ice sculptures in the first story instance of Living World Season 3: Out of the Shadows. When the instance progresses to the part where you must honor Eir Stegalkin, the flowers will spawn.
    • Alternatively, there is an event in Snowden Drifts involving curing poisoned militia southwest of Highpass Haven Waypoint – [&BLUAAAA=] by collecting Alpine Lilies called “Give alpine lilies to the militia captain before illness overtakes his soldiers”. This event proceeds another event involving fending off icebrood.

NOTE: The Snowden Drifts event have multiple reports of being bugged so the first alternative is recommended.

  • 2. Find a Yellow Gentian Flower by the lake at the Ebonhawke Delegation Camp – [&BM0AAAA=]

  • 3. Find Pungent Gladiolus in the water of a cave of the Doldenvan Passage in Wayfarer Foothills – [&BHUBAAA=] If they are not interactable, you may need to wait for an event to occur.

  • 4. Pick Crimson Sunflowers or Bubbly Mushrooms during the event “Help Yon find ingrediants for an insect lure” in Seitung Province which can be started between the Eastern Wilds and Zen Daijun – [&BI4MAAA=] by speaking to Toxicologist Yon.

  • Now continue with The End of the Celestial Ministry at Step 6.

Brothers in Harms – 1AP (Hidden)

Disrupt the Jade Brotherhood in New Kaineng by completing four events involving fighting the Jade Brotherhood.

  • Now continue with The End of the Celestial Ministry at Step 11.

Pure Enmity – 1AP (Hidden)

Retrieve Purist documents in Old Kaineng City. This can only be unlocked after talking to Hui later on in “The End of the Celestial Ministry” achievement.

  • 1. By a Jade Brotherhood encampment.

  • 2. Surrounded by risen vegetation.

  • 3. At the very top of a wooden tower.

  • 4. Beside a house by the north lake.

  • Now continue with The End of the Celestial Ministry at Step 14.

A Sampling of Snargle – 3AP

Locate the various promotional samples of Snargle’s works.

  • 1. Love Is in the Eir
    • On a small bookshelf to the left in the office in Seitung Prison – [&BMgMAAA=] in Seitung Province.

  • 2. Scarlet Fever
    • On a ledge behind the north facing balcony at Tae-Jin’s Estate – [&BAsNAAA=] in New Kaineng City.

  • 3. Koda’s Warmth
    • Northwest of Ingenuity Square – [&BLMMAAA=] on a crate in Echovald Wilds. (get the disguise)

  • 4. Filling My Heart
    • At the end of the eastern bridge from Kaolai Tower – [&BBwNAAA=] In a basket next to a resting quarry worker and next to two tents in Dragon’s End.

Lost Lore – 5AP – 1MP

Locate the lost records of Shing Jea’s history across Tyria. Some steps must be done in order.

  • 1. Begin by speaking to Balam Ri in the library of Arborstone.

  • 2. Meet Juwon Ral in the top floor of the Ministry of Archives in New Kaineng – [&BLIMAAA=]

  • 3. Complete the event “Search the Ministry of Archives for Purist Propaganda” in New Kaineng. Interact with the bookshelves and choose the option that looks like it is a book suggesting exclusivity, uprising, or has some form of the word “pure” in the title.

  • 4. Complete the event “Unmask the Purist sympathizers” or the following event “Subdue the Purist operatives” east of Monastery Waypoint – [&BL8MAAA=]. Begin the event by speaking to Special Agent Teng, then bring corresponding food/water/music to the partygoers.

  • 5. Complete the event “Escort Gale Hookbeak to the abandoned shrine” starting at the Tengu Alpine Camp in Jaya Bluffs, Seitung Province – [&BGYNAAA=]

  • 6. In a Suspicious Mound at Sensali Shrine – [&BNEMAAA=] which is the end of the Trials of the Tengu jumping puzzle. You do not need to do the entire jumping puzzle for this achievement, you can skip to the end with mounts but you can check the following video if you need help on how to do it:

  • 7. Read the plaque in the center of the Emperor’s Watchtower – [&BPwMAAA=] in Seitung Province.

  • 8. Read the “Final Words of Zei Ri to His Supporters, 1637 CC” in the Durmand Priory Archives – [&BOkAAAA=] Go down the stairs, turn right and pass two doors on the left before entering the room full of bookshelves. In this room go to the left and the book should be on the edge of the room.

  • 9. Check the Used Books Stall in the Lutgardis Market – [&BEcNAAA=] of New Kaineng for a book called “Registry of Offenses, 1689 CC.”

  • 10. Read the abandoned books on a shelf in Zen Daijun – [&BLAMAAA=]

  • 11. Return to Balam Ri in Arborstone

Character Growth – 15AP – 1MP title: Well-Rounded

Help Snargle Goldclaw overcome a slump in his career. Must have finished the Authorial Intent achievement by witnessing the conversation between Kippo and Snargle in Shing Jea Monastery to begin.

Complete the following tasks in order.

  • 1. Meet Snargle Goldclaw in the room next to the crafting stations on second floor of Arborstone. Must have Arborstone mastery level 3 to get credit.

  • 2. Talk to Mamoru in Mori Village – [&BMcMAAA=] after completing an event in the chain that begins with “Compete with tengu youngsters in the archery contest” and then follows Tateo out into the Echovald Wilds. Sometimes the event will give progress instantly.

  • 3. Speak to the child in a house in Seitung Harbor about her toy bell, then complete the event “Help find and return the lost toys to the children” which occurs around dawn in Fishing Village – [&BKoMAAA=] You must comb the area within the event to uncover Pale Sprites and defeat them to get the toys to bring back to her.

  • 4. Purchase a teapot for 5 gold from Lady Kanda at the Red Duck Tea House – [&BPsMAAA=] in New Kaineng, or complete the event “Recover tea crates from the Jade Brotherhood” to get it for free. Must speak to her when she stops walking.

  • 5. Return to Snargle in Arborstone to unlock the next steps.

  • 6. Talk to Speaker Eunjoo to Speaker’s Encampment in Dragon’s End – [&BLQMAAA=] after completing the group event “Defeat the summoned creature before it can escape.”

  • 7. Speak to the painter near Imperial Overlook – [&BMMMAAA=] in Seitung Province and purchase the painting of Empress Ihn for 5 silver.

  • 8. Complete the event “Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete” at the Forever Tree – [&BOEMAAA=] in Echovald Wilds then talk to the Mysterious Warden.

  • 9. Return to Snargle in Arborstone to unlock the next steps.

  • 10. Speak to Sun-Hi northeast of Skygazer Cathedral – [&BP4MAAA=] in Echovald Wilds. You must have completed the three achievements “The Haunted Altar”, “The Haunted Court”, and “The Haunted Perch” for him to give you the incense, check The Echovald Wilds Achievements Guide if you need to know more about it.

  • 11. Complete the event chain involving Special Agent Teng and uncovering the Purists hiding at the party just outside the Shing Jea Monastery in Seitung Province, east of Monastery Waypoint – [&BL8MAAA=]

  • 12. Speak to Bonnie Kunderah behind the desk on the second level of the Ministry of Archives – [&BLIMAAA=] in New Kaineng

  • 13. Return to Snargle in Arborstone.

  • 14. Speak to Yenna at the Emerald Bluff – [&BNcMAAA=] in Dragon’s End after completing the event “Extract jade core samples and deposit them for safekeeping.” This event will begin after escorting Lau from the Frozen Sea Monastery to the west of Yenna. You must gather jade cores by using the bundle provided by the event and performing the quick puzzle after uncovering the cores.

  • 15. Complete the event chain starting at “Gather fungal residue to stabilize Verasha, the Speaker defector” at the Temple of the Dredge – [&BEANAAA=] in Echovald Wilds and escorts Verasha east until it ends in defeating Igne Mossheart.

  • 16. Return to Snargle Goldclaw in Arborstone.

The Fate of House zu Heltzer – 6AP – 1MP

Work with Valeria to discover the fate of House zu Heltzer of Echovald.

  • 1. Meet Valeria near Waypoint zu Heltzer – [&BMoMAAA=]

  • 2. Find a Pristine Relic in the rubble at House zu Heltzer [&BMoMAAA=] during the event “Help the archaeologists extract relics from their magical wards.” Keep searching the rubble until you find it, completing the event is optional.

  • 3. Return to Valeria with the Pristine Relic.

  • 4. Pay respects to Countess Danika zu Heltzer at her gravestone at Memorial zu Heltzer – [&BEwNAAA=] Use any of these emotes /bow /kneel /salute at her grave, then pick up the tapestry after the ghost of Danika speaks to you.

  • 5. Return to Valeria with the Tapestry.

  • 6. You will now have unlocked the “Tracing the Tapestry” achievement which you must complete to progress this step. See below how to complete it.

  • 7. Meet Valeria in Mori Village – [&BMcMAAA=] in the Echovald Wilds. You must complete the heart quest here to receive help from the master weaver.

  • 8. Speak to Valeria in Arborstone to the left of the archway entrance to where the hero point is located.

Tracing the Tapestry – 4AP (Hidden)

Find the missing pieces of the zu Heltzer tapestry, spread across Tyria. This achievement becomes available during the progress of the Fate of zu Heltzer achievement. (Step 6)

  • 1. Speak to Captain Hao Luen in the Crow’s Nest Tavern – [&BB8EAAA=] in Lions Arch.

  • 2. Enter the Priory Archives of the Durmand Priory – [&BOkAAAA=] Once down the stairs, turn left and enter the room with many boxes. Jump up the crates and barrels (the hanging lamp does not have collision) to reach the Old Canthan Clothing.

  • 3. Buy the piece of cloth for 3 gold from Tengu Trademaster at Hanto Trading Post – [&BG8AAAA=] in Caledon Forest outside of the Dominion of Winds.

  • 4. Fish in the Wreckage Site fishing pool west of Naga Domain – [&BCUNAAA=] in Seitung Province. You must fish in a specific spot that isn’t always available.

  • 5. Speak with Officer Suni on the second floor of the Ministry of Security East Precinct – [&BDANAAA=] in New Kaineng.

  • 6. Interact with the Pile of Cloth inside the lower levels of Fort Aspenwood – [&BDkNAAA=], only accessible by opening one of the cells during the meta event in Echovald Wilds.

  • 7. Complete the event “Protect the shrine from the void assault” which will allow you to speak to the Shrine Guardian at Guardian’s Perch – [&BKkMAAA=] in Dragon’s End.

  • Now continue with The Fate of House zu Heltzer at Step 7.

Looking Back – 5AP – 1MP title: Honorary Delaqua

Accompany Marjory to various locations that had significance to her sister Belinda to help her come to terms. This can be unlocked after completing the End of Dragons main story by speaking to Marjory in Arborstone. Some of these locations will be locked until Marjory has been found in enough locations, so prefer to do them in order.

  • 1. North of Arborstone Waypoint – [&BGMNAAA=]

  • 2. On a bridge overlooking the lake in Old Kaineng. Jade Brotherhood Hideout – [&BIoMAAA=]

  • 3. Overlooking Tengu Square – [&BNsMAAA=] on a balcony in New Kaineng.

  • 4. Near the top of the giant jade monument in New Kaineng. Jade Monument – [&BOkMAAA=]

  • 5. At Haiju Docks in Seitung Province. Haiju Docks Waypoint – [&BGQNAAA=]

  • 6. Up the stairs at the Shing Jea Monastery in Seitung Province. Monastery Waypoint – [&BL8MAAA=]

  • 7. At the Jade Memorial in Seitung Province. Daigo Ward Waypoint – [&BGUNAAA=]

  • 8. . At the Valor Shrine – [&BFgNAAA=] in Seitung Province.

  • 9. Near the Outer Terrace of the Xunlai Jade Quarry in Dragon’s End. Jade Quarry Waypoint – [&BKIMAAA=] The meta “Battle for the Jade Sea” must not be active.

  • 10. At the Harvest Complex in Dragon’s End. Harvest Bridge – [&BAgNAAA=] The meta “Battle for the Jade Sea” must not be active.

  • 11. Behind Juno Hatchery in Dragon’s End. [&BLUMAAA=] The meta “Battle for the Jade Sea” must not be active.

  • 12. Speak to Marjory at Silent Surf in Dragon’s End. Sanctuary of Ione – [&BEgNAAA=] The meta “Battle for the Jade Sea” must not be active. You will enter an instance.

A Guardian Once More – 5AP – 1MP

Work with Kyung to determine the fate of Zunraa.

Complete each step in the process to unlock the next part, starting with the “Weathered Book” on the second floor of Arborstone.

  • 1. The Disappearance of Zunraa
    • Talk to Kang Hyeeson who will be praying at any of the shrines at Valor Shrine – [&BFgNAAA=] in Seitung Province. Can be above the cliff near too.

  • 2. In Need of a Friend
    • Find Kyung after defeating Tae-Sung in the event at the middle of Zen Daijun Temple – [&BLAMAAA=] This is at the end of an event chain starting with “Stop the extremist speakers from binding the spirits” which occurs at night.

  • 3. Into the Puzzling Dark
    • Open the Mysterious Chest at the end of the puzzle within Zen Daijun in Seitung Harbor. This is a challenging puzzle starting at Spirit Vestibule – [&BI4MAAA=] that requires you to survive a maze with ticking damage when you aren’t taking refuge in the light of the lanterns, then fight three bosses which you can only deal damage to if you find a totem of the corresponding color. These totems of Red, Blue, and Green spawn randomly, but you have plenty of time to find them. Once all three bosses have been defeated you will be able to interact with a beam of light to get to the reward and the achievement item. This can be challenging to solo since you need to defeat three champions so make sure to run a good build from HERE.

  • 4. Guest Appearance
    • Speak to Kyung at her home in the Town Outskirts – [&BCINAAA=] in Seitung Harbor.

  • 5. Seeking Greater Knowledge
    • Find the Mysterious Book in Sizou Hall – [&BF4NAAA=] accessed by the teleporter near the heart vendor at the shore. Take the ramp up to the second floor where the book is in a bookshelf.

  • 6. Practice Makes Perfect
    • Return to Kyung at the Town Outskirts – [&BCINAAA=] and speak to her, then enter the portal and collect 5 red balls which are not too far from the original location.

  • 7. Seitung Province’s First Spirit Portal
    • Enter the spirit portal east of Spirit Vestibule – [&BI4MAAA=] and collect another 5 red orbs. Some are along the cliffs to the east.

  • 8. Seitung Province’s Second Spirit Portal
    • Enter the spirit portal at the Derelict Temple – [&BFANAAA=] and collect another 5 red orbs.

  • 9. New Kaineng’s First Spirit Portal
    • Enter the portal high atop the ruins of Old Kaineng and collect 5 red orbs.
  • 10. New Kaineng’s Second Spirit Portal
    • Enter the spirit portal near the water’s edge in Old Kaineng and collect 5 red orbs.

  • 11. Echovald Wild’s First Spirit Portal
    • Enter the portal at Skygazer Cathedral – [&BP4MAAA=] and collect 5 red orbs.
  • 12. Echovald Wild’s Second Spirit Portal
    • Enter the portal within Saint Anjeka’s Shrine – [&BC4NAAA=] underground and collect 5 red orbs.

  • 13. Dragon’s End First Spirit Portal
    • Enter the portal at Mother’s Lament – [&BJgMAAA=] and collect 5 red orbs. This area requires a map that successfully complete the meta-event, however can still be completed if you rush to the area using a mount, then use a heavy healing build to survive while you collect the red orbs across the bridge.
  • 14. Dragon’s End Second Spirit Portal
    • Enter the portal deep beneath the Jade Sea and collect 5 red orbs. Start by entering the underground cave near the Argo Crawler – [&BPcMAAA=] then ride south towards Unwaking Waters.

  • 15. Prepare for the Worst
    • Return and speak with Kyung at her home in the Town Outskirts – [&BCINAAA=] of Seitung Harbor.

  • 16. Hope for the Best
    • Enter a portal on the bridge near Zen Daijun Temple – [&BLAMAAA=] Defeat two enemies and free the Champion Kirin from its spirit bindings.

Albax, the Unlucky – 6AP (Hidden)

Find lucky items from throughout Tyria by solving Albax’s riddles. Unlock this achievement by speaking to Albax high above the Saltspray Roost after the Dragon’s End meta has been completed on the map. You can fly across the airships to the roost. Only 8 of the 10 objectives must be completed to finish the achievement, so if you are struggling to find an event, skip it for now.

  • 1. Take part in the event chain starting with “Defend the Monastery” which ends in defeating an Aetherblade champion at Aetherblade Flagship Wreckage – [&BOcMAAA=] Afterwards you will obtain a crate of supplies which you must return to Keeper Tao who is on a ledge overlooking the airship.

  • 2. Go to the Food Cart Menu in Bori Ward of New Kaineng, south of [&BLcMAAA=] you need to complete the event “Defeat the kappa attacking the food cart” that occurs at the same location in order to get the food for Enune.
  • NOTE: During the Kaineng meta-event, or in the previous 15 minutes to it, Enune will say say “I can’t serve you while the power is like this. I’m sorry, you’re going to have to come back later” and will not give you the collection item.

  • 3. Purchase a Preserved Lucky Four-Leaf Clover from Club Canach Rewards Vendor in Arborstone – [&BHcNAAA=] for 80 Canach Coins.

  • 4. During the event “Dive for machine parts and return them to the quarry salvager” at Mine Site JS-02 – [&BMAMAAA=] in Dragon’s End, swim to the bottom of the water trench and find a Lucky Golden Relic.

  • 5. Purchase a Very Lucky Rabbit’s Foot for 21,000 Karma from Lightbringer Ives at Caer Shadowfain – [&BCEDAAA=] in Cursed Shore.

  • 6. Speak to Drusilla Longrunner at Warhound Village – [&BOUBAAA=] in Iron Marches to receive a lucky acorn so long as separatists are not attacking the village.

  • 7. Find the missing doll at Stovepipe Pogue – [&BD4CAAA=] in Timberline Falls then bring it to Pietje Atsdottir in Balddistead – [&BEICAAA=]

  • 8. Purchase a Lucky Swatch of Shiny Scales for 4 gold from Lonatl Supplier Huayapl at Lonatl Grounds – [&BJgGAAA=] in Mount Maelstrom.

  • 9. Speak to Xiuhtonal by Jaka Itzel Waypoint – [&BOAHAAA=] in Verdant Brink. You must have Itzel Language mastery.

  • 10. Purchase a Gilded Shadhavar Horn for 1,001 karma from Priestess Karima after completing the heart quest at Marifa Refugee Camp – [&BAQKAAA=] in Crystal Oasis.

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