Citadel of Flame Dungeon Guide

GW2. Dungeon Guide Citadel of Flame. A complete guide on how to complete Citadel of Flame Dungeon. Story and Explorable mode. All paths.

Getting There

Enter Citadel of Flame from the dungeon entrance at Citadel of Flame Waypoint – [&BEAFAAA=] in Fireheart Rise or by talking to the Dungeon Transportation NPC south of Fort Marriner Waypoint – [&BDAEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch.

You will need at least 2, 3, 4 or 5 players for some of the explorable paths of this dungeon.

Story Mode

  • Citadel of Flame Story Mode is for players level 70 and up. Completing this will unlock Explorable mode which is for players level 75 and up. You can do explorable mode without having done Story Mode, but at least one person in the group must have completed Story Mode to open an Explorable Path.
  • Take out the bosses and braziers they defend to access the other side of the bridge.
  • Be careful when crossing the bridges, enemies can knock you off.
  • Keep moving while fighting the flame legion boss to avoid the imp explosions.
  • The next effigy boss has a wide pulsing fire aura, bring some healing to survive while you take out the effigy. Attack the flame legion inside the braziers when the protective bubble briefly disappears and then head up the ramp to the final boss.
  • Gaheron Baelfire
    • Logan provides a protective bubble that you are safe in
    • Gahreon sends waves of fiery boulders down the platform which can down you and meteors which will knock you off the platform or into the boulders.
    • Pick up the shards of the boulders that break on Logan’s shield and throw them at Gaheron until he reduces in size then damage him with your normal attacks.
    • In later phases, the patterns of boulders and meteors will change as well as fiery stalagmites that block you off from reaching Gaheron and you will need to break them before throwing more rocks at him.

Gameplay Complete Run:

Explorable Mode

Better rewards are offered in explorable mode, and each path gives an extra bit of liquid gold once per day, so doing more difficult or longer paths may be worth it if it pays more.

Also doing 8 different unique paths will complete the Dungeon Frequenter repeatable achievement to earn a which contains 150 Tales of Dungeon Delving and 5 Gold.

All explorable paths provide 20 Tales of Dungeon Delving after completion, but the first time each day you will get 80 Tales of Dungeon Delving as a bonus, for a total of 100 daily. This currency can be used to redeem other rewards like weapons and armor skins with exotic stats, runes, sigils, and other materials.

Complete map:

Path 1: Ferrah

Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 35 Silver
Note: You need at least 4-5 players to do the brazier puzzle.

  • Start by selecting Path 1 at Soldier Ista Fuseclaw
  • Fight your way through the flame legion, some of these enemies are optional, until you reach a ritual area.
  • Crea Irontooth Event
    • Waves of enemies will spawn but only some of these enemies must be killed
    • The acolytes which must be killed have a dual swords icon above their heads, prioritize killing them so they respawn faster and the event can be completed
  • Boulder Puzzle
    • Interact with the Enkindlers and cross through the boulders safely to reach the gate on the other side and interact with one of the ritual bowls
    • Three of the ritual bowls must be lit within a short amount of time to open the gate, they can be snuffed out if you take too long
    • Coordinate with your team to go at the same time, or use portals to ensure everyone makes it across safely
  • Brazier Puzzle
    • Four players must stand inside the braziers to open the next gate, and one player must go into the room to take out the last brazier, but technically a pet can be sent in.
  • Finish the last boss while avoiding the falling shards and dodging the big attack it does when you see a red circle around it

Gameplay Complete Run:

Path 2: Magg

Length: Medium
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 35 Silver
Note: You may need at least 2-3 players to do some of the events in this path.

  • Start by selecting Path 2 at Soldier Ista Fuseclaw
  • Follow Magg into the devourer hatchery and go inside one of the rooms to trigger the devourer attack. Focus on damaging the burrows first which need strike or power damage to be destroyed. Pull the chains inside the room with the flame legion shamans to open the way to the Prison Warden. Defeat them and go back through the door that opens near the start of the hatchery.
  • Bomb Run
    • You must pick up and bring all of the bombs back to Magg before the 2 minute time limit runs out. Mobility skills and portals can help to be more efficient, and while this is possible with one person, some classes it won’t be possible on so it is preferrable to have at least 2-3.
  • Escort Magg afterwards to the Oracite and use guns to remove the fire from the ground while also killing oozes that can immobilize him.
  • After reaching the oracite and Magg says his dialogue, go back to the previous chamber
  • Magg will begin setting up the bombs to open the final chamber, but waves of flame legion will begin attacking. Most of them will attack you, leaving Magg safe so long as you are alive, but some enemies will go straight for Magg. These assassins are in stealth but you can barely see their outline as they slowly walk towards Magg. Prioritize killing these first or Magg can be killed and you must restart the event. After holding out for a long time, you can enter the final boss room.
  • Gaheron Baelfire’s Ghost
    • You can’t damage him, but his ghost will annoy you and knock you into the meteors
    • Four acolytes spawn at the corners of the room and they will make the eternal flame at the center invulnerable. Kill them to make the eternal flame vulnerable to attack to finish the fight
    • Acolytes respawn shortly after being killed and only one needs to be alive to provide invulnerability to the eternal flame
    • Coordinate killing all of the acolytes at the same time to maximize the uptime you have of damaging the eternal flame

Gameplay Complete Run:

Path 3: Rhiannon

Length: Short
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 35 Silver
Note: You need at least 3 players to do the first puzzle

  • Start by selecting Path 3 at Soldier Ista Fuseclaw
  • The first puzzle requires three players to interact with and channel for several seconds a Claw of Baelfire. These are split up and there are mobs nearby. Mobs will interrupt your channel and you all must channel it within a few seconds of each other so coordination and potentially one player to protect them may be required, or using stealth.
  • Cross the bridge and continue until you see a long hallway. There are bombs that will explode when you get near them, so you need to wait for them to light up and then go dim to pass by them and then use mobility skills to bypass them fast enough before the bombs catch up with you.
  • Continue to fight the Drake and reach the final boss.
  • Tribune Burntclaw
    • Dodge towards him when he does the massive earth shockwave because it travels outwards slowly

Gameplay Complete Run:


South of Fort Marriner Waypoint – [&BDAEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch, you can find the Dungeon Merchant that offers several rewards in exchange for your Tales of Dungeon Delving. You will need to complete the dungeon in story or explorable mode to unlock most of the rewards. Some will require you to complete explorable path a few times (between 1 to 7 times depending on the piece).

Additionally, completing the dungeon story mode will unlock a reward track for PvP and World vs World that you can use to gain currency and unlock skins while playing those game modes. However, unlocking a skin through the reward track won’t necessarily unlock it on the Dungeon Merchant.

Armor Sets

You can obtain three unique armor sets from Citadel of Flame. These are exotic pieces with three different stat variants (Berserker’s – Carrion – Rampager’s). However, the main appeal of the Dungeon Armor Sets are the unique skins that you will unlock in your wardrobe.

  • Flame Legion (Light)
  • Flame Legion (Medium)
  • Flame Legion (Heavy)

Each set will cost a total of 1380 Tales of Dungeon Delving.

If you want to preview the skins for your character, use these chat codes in-game:



You can obtain 19 unique weapons from Citadel of Flame. These are exotic pieces with three different stat variants (Berserker’s – Carrion – Rampager’s). However, the main appeal of the Dungeon Weapons are the unique skins that you will unlock in your wardrobe.

The Molten Weapon Set has a flame theme similar to destroyers. Each weapon has a different cost. All the weapons will cost a total of 6150 Tales of Dungeon Delving.

If you want to preview all the skins for your character, copy and paste these chat codes into in-game chat. They will appear in game with their names and tooltips, so just copy them all and pick the one you want to see.



Besides the other things that you can purchase, like rare equipment, sigils, recipes, and tonics, these are the three most important things to mention:

  • Dungeon Rune:
    • 120 Tales of Dungeon Delving
  • Legendary Gift:
    • 500 Tales of Dungeon Delving
  • Achievement Collection:
    • Unlock all 37 skins in your wardrobe
    • Rewards unique ascended accessory

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