Sorrow’s Embrace Dungeon Guide

GW2. Dungeon Guide Sorrow’s Embrace. A complete guide on how to complete Sorrow’s Embrace Dungeon. Story and Explorable mode. All paths.

Getting There

Enter Sorrow’s Embrace from the dungeon entrance at Sorrow’s Embrace Waypoint – [&BD8FAAA=] in Dredgehaunt Cliffs or by talking to the Dungeon Transportation NPC south of Fort Marriner Waypoint – [&BDAEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch.

While this dungeon is soloable by a well-geared level 80, it can be quite a challenge and it is recommended to bring at least 2-3 players for this.

Story Mode

  • Sorrow’s Embrace Story Mode is for players level 60 and up. Completing this will unlock Explorable mode which is for players level 65 and up. You can do explorable mode without having done Story Mode, but at least one person in the group must have completed Story Mode to open an Explorable Path.
  • Travel across the scaffolding until you reach an inquest boss. Pull the chain after defeating it to open up the gate to the next area.
  • The golem boss creates a dangerous area around them so stay out of range of that if you lack healing. It will also spin and reflect projectiles.
  • Afterwards you need to collect gears to repair a gate winch, so go through the falling workplace hazards and grab a gear from the mechanism on the wall and bring it back to Caithe and insert it into the gate mechanism there. Go back and repeat this three times, the dredge will keep respawning so killing them is not necessary.
  • Make your way through the large open room to the opened gate, fighting any of the enemies in here is optional.
  • When you reach the next gate, Zojja will try to open it but get attacked by Dredge. Protect her until she finishes the event. If she dies, you can revive her and continue where she left off.
  • Fight Kudu and his golems. Bring condition cleanse and stun breaks or stability. Avoid any projectiles or hazards on the ground.
  • Progress through the inquest golems in the next hallway until you reach the final boss.
  • The Iron Forgeman
    • You must kill the boss in the center but it is difficult to attack them from across the lava pit
    • Lava elementals will spawn which can immobilize you. Kill them to relieve pressure and they will also drop rocks which you can pick up and throw at the boss to damage it
    • There are plates that can obstruct you from the boss, and whether you stand behind them or not depends on which mechanic the boss is doing
    • One mechanic is when the Forgeman yanks a chain which pours lava behind all of the metal plates
    • The other is to spray lava across all of the platform except behind the plates

Gameplay Complete Run:

Explorable Mode

Better rewards are offered in explorable mode, and each path gives an extra bit of liquid gold once per day, so doing more difficult or longer paths may be worth it if it pays more.

Also doing 8 different unique paths will complete the Dungeon Frequenter repeatable achievement to earn a which contains 150 Tales of Dungeon Delving and 5 Gold.

All explorable paths provide 20 Tales of Dungeon Delving after completion, but the first time each day you will get 80 Tales of Dungeon Delving as a bonus, for a total of 100 daily. This currency can be used to redeem other rewards like weapons and armor skins with exotic stats, runes, sigils, and other materials.

Complete map:

Path 1: Fergg

Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 35 Silver

  • Start by selecting Path 1 at Karamoleoff
  • Travel through the Asura Portal to begin the siege event
  • Destroy the Barrier Turrets to remove the force fields and allow you to progress through.
  • Avoid falling off while reaching the end of the gauntlet.
  • The traps in the next area will trigger and down you if you stand on them, but if you move quickly through them you will be out of range by the time they explode. Be careful when running through with your teammates. The golems can also pull you and get you killed by the traps.
  • The three golem bosses can be difficult to handle in open areas, pulling them together with line of sight can make them easier to manage. Bring projectile reflects and condition cleanse. Then reach the final boss
  • Tazza
    • She creates clones of your character
    • Does a burst attack when the red circle appears
    • Can be easier to handle if you pull her away from the other champion enemies

Gameplay Complete Run:

Path 2: Rasolov

Length: Long
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 35 Silver

  • Start by selecting Path 2 at Karamoleoff
  • Break through the barrier across the bridge and pull the chain to open the gate.
  • Defeat the Foremen then protect Tarleov
  • After pushing further into the mines you will reach the Taskmaster. Lure them underneath the falling machinery nearby to break their shield and make them vulnerable to attack.
  • Collect the glowing ore and bring it to Rasolov, you need a lot of it. Then engage the final boss.
  • War Minister Shukov
    • Many dredge and mining suits can overwhelm you, bring large area of effect attacks.
    • When the Mark 1 and 2 Golems arrive, damage them equally. If you kill one too early before the other they will reset health. Finish the other quickly after the first.

Gameplay Complete Run:

Path 3: Koptev

Length: Medium
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 35 Silver

  • Start by selecting Path 3 at Karamoleoff
  • Break through the barrier across the bridge and defeat the dredge boss to open the gate.
  • Drop down the ledge to the left or go around the loop to reach a barrier which you must break to bypass the bridge full of spiders and dredge. Avoid fighting the dredge as they are all elites and a waste of time.
  • When fighting Molradovich, step onto the water pumps when a ring of fire forms around you to cleanse it.
  • Take out the dredge carrier while surviving waves of dredge. Only power or strike damage works on the carrier. Use projectile reflects then continue to the final boss.
  • Destroyer of Worlds
    • Summons destroyers
    • Leaves fire on the ground, don’t stand in it

Gameplay Complete Run:


South of Fort Marriner Waypoint – [&BDAEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch, you can find the Dungeon Merchant that offers several rewards in exchange for your Tales of Dungeon Delving. You will need to complete the dungeon in story or explorable mode to unlock most of the rewards. Some will require you to complete explorable path a few times (between 1 to 7 times depending on the piece).

Additionally, completing the dungeon story mode will unlock a reward track for PvP and World vs World that you can use to gain currency and unlock skins while playing those game modes. However, unlocking a skin through the reward track won’t necessarily unlock it on the Dungeon Merchant.

Armor Sets

You can obtain three unique armor sets from Sorrow’s Embrace. These are exotic pieces with three different stat variants (Soldier’s – Knight’s – Carrion). However, the main appeal of the Dungeon Armor Sets are the unique skins that you will unlock in your wardrobe.

  • Forgeman (Light)
  • Forgeman (Medium)
  • Forgeman (Heavy)

Each set will cost a total of 1380 Tales of Dungeon Delving.

If you want to preview the skins for your character, use these chat codes in-game:



You can obtain 19 unique weapons from Sorrow’s Embrace. These are exotic pieces with three different stat variants (Soldier’s – Knight’s – Carrion). However, the main appeal of the Dungeon Weapons are the unique skins that you will unlock in your wardrobe.

The Dark Asuran Weapon Set shares appearance with Glyphic weapons, except with red effects instead of blue. Each weapon has a different cost. All the weapons will cost a total of 6150 Tales of Dungeon Delving.

If you want to preview all the skins for your character, copy and paste these chat codes into in-game chat. They will appear in game with their names and tooltips, so just copy them all and pick the one you want to see.



Besides the other things that you can purchase, like rare equipment, sigils, recipes, and tonics, these are the three most important things to mention:

  • Dungeon Rune:
    • 120 Tales of Dungeon Delving
  • Legendary Gift:
    • 500 Tales of Dungeon Delving
  • Achievement Collection:
    • Unlock all 37 skins in your wardrobe
    • Rewards unique ascended accessory

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