Legendary Ring Conflux Guide

GW2. Guide on how to create your own legendary ring Conflux from World vs World.

Getting Started

To make Conflux you need two main things, time inside World vs World and Gold. This is because as any other legendary item you will need several materials that you could already have or will need to buy from the trading post to craft, but this specific ring will also need currency and items that you can only obtain through WvW.

In this guide I will explain the process in 5 steps, to focus on each major gift that the mystic forge recipe needs and finally the process to make Conflux with the visual effect.

Starting Tip: Since you will need a total of 5 Gift of Battle for this ring, I suggest that you activate the reward track since the start of your journey in WvW.

Step 1: Mystic Tribute

Mystic Tribute is a gift used to craft second generation legendary weapons, as well as legendary trinkets. If you already made legendary items before you might be familiarized with this step, but in case you don’t I will give you an overview of it.

Account Bound Requirements:

  • Level 400 crafting discipline in at least one of the following:
    • Artificer
    • Weaponsmith
    • Huntsman
  • Mystic Clover, a total of 77 clovers which you can obtain from:
    • Mystic Forge (30% chance approx)
      • 10 Obsidian Shard
      • 10 Mystic Coin
      • 10 Glob of Ectoplasm
      • 10 Mystic Crystal (Purchased from Miyani)
    • Daily Login Reward (Day 28)
      • Chest of Legendary Crafting Materials (7 clovers)
    • BUY-4373 Fractal Vendor (2 per day)
      • 150 Fractal Relic
      • 1 Mystic Coin
      • 3 Glob of Ectoplasm
      • 2 Spirit Shards
    • WvW/PvP Reward Track
      • Repeatable: 2 clovers per container
      • Non-Repeatable: 7 or more clovers per container
        • Grothmar Valley Reward Track (9 clovers)
        • Bjora Marches Reward Track (11 clovers)
        • Drizzlewood Coast Reward Track (14 clovers)

Next you need to gather materials or just spend Gold to buy them from the Trading Post. You will need 200 T6, 500 T5, 100 T4, 100 T3 of each kind of the material needed in the gift. The level 400 crafting discipline is needed for this step to make the following gifts:

  • 2 Gift of Fangs
    • 200 Vicious Fang
    • 500 Large Fang
    • 100 Sharp Fang
    • 100 Fang
  • 2 Gift of Scales
    • 200 Armored Scale
    • 500 Large Scale
    • 100 Smooth Scale
    • 100 Scale
  • 2 Gift of Claws
    • 200 Vicious Claw
    • 500 Large Claw
    • 100 Sharp Claw
    • 100 Claw
  • 2 Gift of Bones
    • 200 Ancient Bone
    • 500 Large Bone
    • 100 Heavy Bone
    • 100 Bone
  • 2 Gift of Blood
    • 200 Vial of Powerful Blood
    • 500 Vial of Potent Blood
    • 100 Vial of Thick Blood
    • 100 Vial of Blood
  • 2 Gift of Venom
    • 200 Powerful Venom Sac
    • 500 Potent Venom Sac
    • 100 Full Venom Sac
    • 100 Venom Sac
  • 2 Gift of Totems
    • 200 Elaborate Totem
    • 500 Intricate Totem
    • 100 Engraved Totem
    • 100 Totem
  • 2 Gift of Dust
    • 200 Pile of Crystalline Dust
    • 500 Pile of Incandescent Dust
    • 100 Pile of Luminous Dust
    • 100 Pile of Radiant Dust

These gifts require a recipe to be crafted which you can buy from Miyani or any other Mystic Forge Attendant for 10 Gold each.

NOTE: The number of materials listed above correspond to two gifts.

Next with all these gifts crafted, you have to combine them in the Mystic Forge into two:

  • 2 Gift of Condensed Might
    • 2 Gift of Fangs
    • 2 Gift of Scales
    • 2 Gift of Claws
    • 2 Gift of Bones
  • 2 Gift of Condensed Magic
    • 2 Gift of Blood
    • 2 Gift of Venom
    • 2 Gift of Totems
    • 2 Gift of Dust

The last part of this step is probably the most expensive one, you will need 250 Mystic Coin, you can earn coins mostly from daily rewards so if you don’t have them at the moment you will need to buy from the Trading Post.

Current price January 2021

So finally you have to put in the Mystic Forge the following items together to make your Mystic Tribute:

  • Mystic Tribute
    • 2 Gift of Condensed Might
    • 2 Gift of Condensed Magic
    • 77 Mystic Clover
    • 250 Mystic Coin

Step 2: Gift of the World

Gift of the World is the exclusive gift that you need to make for Conflux. This step requires you to play World vs World, because you will need several currency and items that you can obtain only from it.

If you aren’t experienced with World vs World, I recommend to start with this guide:


Account Bound Requirements:

  • Level 500 crafting discipline
    • Any profession except Chef, to make a Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
  • Gift of Battle
    • One Gift of Battle from the WvW Reward Track
  • WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket
    • You need a total of 1850 tickets, and you are limited to earn 365 per week, so you will need a minimum of 6 weeks
  • Badge of Honor
    • You will need a total of 1500. Earned in WvW or can be purchased from Skirmish Chest
  • Testimony of Heroics
    • Total of 750. Earned by ranking up in WvW or can be purchased from Skirmish Chest
  • Emblem of the Conqueror
    • From the achievement, you need to capture a total of 100 objectives in WvW.

War Commendation

Creating a War Commendation requires you to start making a Gift of Warfare with some materials and some items that you can only buy with account bound currency.

  • Gift of Warfare
    • Mystic Essence of Strategy
      • Essence of Strategy
        • Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor in WvW for 1,000 Badge of Honor
      • 20 Vial of Powerful Blood
      • 50 Vial of Potent Blood
      • 250 Pile of Bloodstone Dust
    • Mystic Essence of Animosity
      • Essence of Animosity
        • Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor in WvW for 500 Testimony of Heroics
      • 20 Ancient Bone
      • 50 Large Bone
      • 250 Empyreal Fragment
    • Mystic Essence of Carnage
      • Essence of Carnage
        • Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor in WvW for 500 Memory of Battle
      • 20 Armored Scale
      • 50 Large Scale
      • 250 Dragonite Ore
    • Mystic Essence of Annihilation
      • Essence of Annihilation
        • Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor in WvW for 350 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket
      • 20 Vicious Claw
      • 50 Large Claw
      • 10 Glob of Dark Matter
        • Salvaging high level exotic gear yields between 0 and 3 Glob of Dark Matter.

Next, you need to obtain an Emblem of the Conqueror, you can get this from the achievement under the WvW category. You will get this automatically by playing and capturing objectives, a total of 100 objectives will give you an emblem.

Finally two more components are needed from the Legendary Commander War Razor, each one will cost 750 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket and 250 Memory of Battle.

  • Mist Pearl
  • Mist-Enhanced Mithril

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together in the Mystic Forge:

  • War Commendation
    • Gift of Warfare
    • Emblem of the Conqueror
    • Mist Pearl
    • Mist-Enhanced Mithril

Gift of the Mists

The second part of the Gift of the World requires you to create a Gift of the Mists, and here you will need a Gift of Battle and the use of your level 500 crafting discipline.

  • Gift of the Mists
    • Gift of Glory
      • Purchased from Miyani for 250 Shard of Glory
    • Gift of Battle
      • From WvW Reward Track
    • Gift of War
      • Purchased from Miyani for 250 Memory of Battle
    • Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
      • Ball of Dark Energy (Chance from Ascended gear salvaging)
      • 75 Stabilizing Matrix
      • Requires level 500 crafting discipline

Gift of War Dedication

The third part of this step requires a Gift of War Dedication with some account bound currency:

  • Gift of War Dedication
    • 250 Memory of Battle
      • From WvW reward tracks or purchased from Trading Post
    • Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy
      • Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor or Ascended Armor League Vendor for 100 Spirit Shards
    • Certificate of Heroics
      • Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor or Ascended Armor League Vendor for 250 Testimony of Heroics
    • Certificate of Honor
      • Purchased from Legendary Commander War Razor or Ascended Armor League Vendor for 500 Badge of Honor

Icy Runestone

Finally, you need to get 100 Icy Runestone from Rojan the Penitent, a NPC that you can find in Frostgorge Sound, west of Earthshake Waypoint – [&BHoCAAA=] (see map below with the exact location), each runestone costs 1 gold, so prepare your wallet because this is a total of 100 Gold.

NOTE: Rojan is not available as a merchant during Breaking the Claw of Jormag, if the event has failed, he also won’t be available until the next one.

Now it’s forge time: put the 4 items together in the Mystic Forge:

  • Gift of the World
    • War Commendation
    • Gift of the Mists
    • Gift of War Dedication
    • 100 Icy Runestone

Step 3: Gift of Conquering

Gift of Conquering is another exclusive gift to make Conflux but also to make Warbringer (the legendary back item from World vs World).

Account Bound Requirements:

In this case 3 of the 4 items needed are account bound and you will also need a level 500 crafting discipline, the items are the following:

  • Gift of Conquering
    • Legendary Spike
      • Chance to drop randomly from enemy players and NPCs in WvW. They have no other purpose so try to remember not to sell them
    • 4 Gift of Battle
      • From WvW Reward Track
    • 250 Memory of Battle
      • From WvW reward tracks or purchased from Trading Post
    • 2 Vision Crystal (Requires level 500 crafting discipline)
      • 2 Augur’s Stone
        • Purchased from Miyani for 20 Spirit Shards
      • 10 Dragonite Ingot
      • 10 Empyreal Star
      • 10 Bloodstone Brick

Step 4: Precursor and Forge

The precursor for this legendary is a Mist Band (Infused) ascended ring, that you can obtain in three different ways:

  • Purchased from BUY-2046 PFR in the Mistlock Observatory
    • 100 Pristine Fractal Relic + 2 Integrated Fractal Matrix
  • Purchased from Ascended Armor League Vendor in Heart of the Mists
    • 200 Ascended Shard of Glory + 170 Shard of Glory
  • Purchased from Skirmish Supervisor in World vs World
    • 350 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket + 250 Memory of Battle

Now it’s forge time: putting the four items together in the Mystic Forge will give you a Slumbering Conflux a WvW-exclusive legendary ring without any visual effect.

  • Slumbering Conflux
    • Mystic Tribute
    • Gift of the World
    • Gift of Conquering
    • Mist Band (Infused)

NOTE: Since the Legendary Armory implementation, the recipe above will craft the final form of Conflux directly. So the next step is NO LONGER necessary.

Step 5: Slumbering to Conflux

The final step to getting Conflux, is upgrading the Slumbering Conflux into Conflux, by doing this you are adding the visual effects to the legendary. As you can see in this video it gives you a floating ball which has an image of Stone Mist Castle surrounded by soldiers outside it.

Credit to Roelski for the video.

Doing this extra step is really easy, you will need to forge the following items:

  • Conflux
    • 1 Slumbering Conflux
    • 250 Unidentified Dye
    • 1 Emblem of the Avenger
    • 1 Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints

You can obtain all these items from the Trading Post for your convenience, except for the Emblem of the Avenger, which you will get by completing the achievement after killing 100 enemy players in WvW, which is easily done in the time it takes to get everything else.

Besides adding the visual effect, creating the final form of the legendary will allow you to place it in your legendary armory to use on all of your characters.

NOTE: Prior to the Legendary Armory update on July 13, 2021, Conflux was unique, meaning only one of it could be equipped at a time, which however could be bypassed by equipping Slumbering Conflux in the second ring slot. In order to preserve this behaviour, the Legendary Armory allows to store up to two Conflux rings. Furthermore, the previous Slumbering Conflux recipe crafts now Conflux directly.

NOTE: Alternatively, if you have a Slumbering Conflux you can convert it to Conflux for FREE, by speaking with Grandmaster Craftman Hobbs in Lions Arch.


I recommend if you want more details on some item acquisition check out this LINK from the wiki. Also if you need more organization in following the craft progress by taking into consideration items that you might have before going shopping in the Trading Post, use the GW2Efficiency crafting tool, which will assist you in it.


  1. I’m already halfway to my first piece of wvw legendary armor; I need skirmish tickets. I have most of the mats for this too, so I’m half tempted to do the ring first, then get more tickets for my first piece of armor. Hrmmmmm, tempting! 🙂

  2. Will 1 conflux work for both my ring slots or do I have to make 2 confluxs?

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