The Dragon’s Reach Part 2 Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 2 Episode 4 “The Dragon’s Reach Part 2”.

The Dragon’s Reach Part 2 (Story Journal)

Total achievements: 11 – 105AP

“The Dragon’s Reach Part 2” Mastery – 5AP – 1MP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete all 9 eligible achievements. The rewards for this are 5AP, 1 Mastery Point and the Ventari’s Chisel Ascended Accessory with Nomad’s stats.

Story Completion Achievements – 0AP – 1MP

The Dragon’s Reach Part 2 – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: “The Dragon’s Reach, Part 2” Completed

Once you complete the story episode, you will earn this achievement and unlock all the rest of the achievements, you can replay the episode and you will see Purple markers to replay each instance necessary for achievements. In other words you can’t earn any achievements during your first playthrough.

Story Instance Achievements – 100AP

Sneaky Sleuth – 10AP
Story Instance: Party Politics

All three achievements on this instance are mutually exclusive, you will need to run the instance three times to get them all, but you should start with this one and use it to complete the others as well. The objective is to find the person who has been spreading rumours about Queen Jennah without raising suspicion too much. If you accuse a wrong person or without enough proof, it will raise suspicion.

This achievement needs you to find the person who is doing it without getting any suspicion at all. So this achievement will be the perfect path, follow the 11 steps below:

  • 1- Noble NPC in the west green circle
    1. “Wait. I wanted to ask you something”
    2. “Is that why Minister Estelle wants to retire? A lack of excitement?”

  • 2- Noble NPC in the middle green circle
    1. “I was expecting to see Minister Wi’s wife here today.”
    2. “(laugh) If you’ve seen one minister, you’ve seen them all.”

  • 3- Noble NPC in the east green circle
    1. “Are you enjoying the party?”
    2. “Wouldn’t think anyone could ignore such a beautiful night as this”
    3. “(laugh) I’ve met a few of them”
    4. “I return as regularly as I can to visit my friends”
    5. “So, what were you saying about the party?”
    6. “I wouldn’t think anyone could ignore such a beautiful night”
    7. “I hear one minister is spreading rumors about the queen”

  • 4- Talk to Kasmeer and Minister Arton

  • 5- Talk to Lady Claire
    1. “That’s just a bad rumor, a lie”
    2. “This doesn’t add up.”

  • 6- Noble NPC in the east green circle (next to Anise)
    • “That may be complicated”
    • “You don’t think she met with Scarlet?”

  • 7- Servant NPC in the west green circle (next to Estelle)
    • “I’ve had some experience with ministers. Not all are bad”
    • “Do you like your jobs?”

  • 8- Talk to Kasmeer

  • 9- Talk to Minister Estelle
    1. “I know all about you.”
    2. “I have a question. Is it true that you work closely with Minister Caudecus?”
    3. “Tell me more.”
    4. “Tell me more.”
    5. “Minister Estelle, can you repeat that?”
    6. “Tell me more”
    7. “Tell me more”
    8. “Kasmeer, what do you think?”
    9. “Tell me more.”
    10. “Tell me more.”
    11. “Shy, huh?”
    12. “A witness said you had an aside with Caudecus. He talked. You nodded.”

  • 10- Talk to Minister Estelle
    • “Did you hear what the queen discussed with Scarlet?”
    • “Tell me more.”
    • “Tell me more.”
    • “Tell me more.”
    • “Kasmeer, what do you think?”
    • “Minister Estelle, can you repeat that?”
    • “Tell me more”
    • “I heard the queen was escorted out for her safety.”
    • “I spoke with Arton. His version agrees with the countess’s… and the goat’s”

  • 11- Talk to Minister Estelle
    • “You’re sticking by the claim that they arranged this in the throne room?”
    • “Tell me more”
    • “Tell me more”
    • “Tell me more”
    • “Minister Estelle can you repeat that?”
    • “Tell me more.”
    • “Tell me more”
    • “Tell me more”
    • “You told your accomplice to say it was a black cape.”
    • “Have you forgoten?”
    • “If you and your old friend can’t agree on the color of the queen’s cape…”
    • “You’re saying Countess Anise was there too? What?”

From this point follow Kasmeer and listen to all the dialogue, you will only have one option to choose, when you complete the instance you will get the achievement.

Super Sleuth – 15AP
Story Instance: Party Politics

For this achievement you need to complete the investigation with as few steps as possible so start by skipping the first three steps, and talk directly to Minister Estelle and select the first option in the dialogue box:

  • “Definitely nosy. They say you were in court the same day Scarlet was.”

After this, continue from step #4 in the Sneaky Sleuth order.

Shoddy Sleuth – 5AP
Story Instance: Party Politics

You need to complete the instance with the maximum level of suspicion possible without being thrown out (the bar almost full).

To achieve this go talk with the Noble NPC from step #2 at middle green circle, and select the third option a total of four times:

  • “If he was, then he’s probably involved in these nasty lies about the queen”

Then select the first option one time :

  • “Were You attending Court that day?”

From this point your suspicion level is raised high enough so just simply follow the order of Sneaky Sleuth and complete the instance for the achievement.

Mischief Maker – 5AP
Story Instance: Recalibrating the Waypoints

This achievement is completed when Taimi wants you to use the recalibration device for the demonstration. Don’t use the device and go attack the Miniature Waypoint with your weapon instead. This will will trigger a dialogue between Taimi and Braham and you will get the achievement.

Power Squelcher – 10AP
Story Instance: Recalibrating the Waypoints

You need to defeat the Mordrem Leyleecher when the bar in the event area “Leyleecher Power Level” is full.

To achieve this, attack it until Taimi asks you to decide who will use the device, and select the second option to take control of the recalibration device, get on it but DO NOT use it for a while, so the Leyleecher will go around absorbing energy from the Miniature Waypoints. Once the bar is full kill him to earn the achievement.

NOTE: This achievement is mutually exclusive with “Defender of the Tiny”. You will need to run the instance twice.

Defender of the Tiny – 15AP
Story Instance: Recalibrating the Waypoints

For this achievement, when the dialogue with Taimi appears, you need to select the first option to let her use the recalibration device. A few Mordrem Husk will try to reach to her and attack her, so you have to kill them to prevent it. High DPS and CC skills will help you to kill them quickly enough.

NOTE: This achievement is mutually exclusive with Power Squelcher. You will need to run the instance twice.

Untouched by Maw and Claw – 10AP
Story Instance: The World Summit

To get this achievement, you need to avoid all claw and breath attacks from the dragon. These are all the AoE orange circles. There is an easy way to avoid most of the attacks if you stand in the northeastern alcove of the Omphalos Chamber.

Can’t Knock Me Down – 10AP
Story Instance: The World Summit

For this achievement, you need to avoid all stomp attacks from the dragon. These are the ones that hit the entire Chamber. The achievement indicates to jump them, but you can dodge them too, which is an easier method because an evade can last longer.

Mote Master – 20AP
Story Instance: The World Summit

Complete the instance with the Challenge Mote activated without dying more than two times. The only difference that this CM adds to the fight, are healing pods that will constantly heal the dragon. These pods are invulnerable by their Thorn Shield and they will also attack you, trapping you inside a Vine Chamber and you need to use skill #1 “Struggle to Escape” to break it (you can see the attack coming by a red circle on your feet or by watching an Immobilize icon on you buff bar, you can dodge it if you want to ignore the pods). Once you break free you will get a buff “Mordrem Pheromones” which will allow you to damage the healing pods for a few seconds. Besides this, the fight is pretty much the same as normal mode.


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