Clockwork Chaos Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 1 Episode 3 “Clockwork Chaos”.

Clockwork Chaos Mastery

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete 13 eligible achievements. The rewards are 10AP, a Watchknight Greaves box and an exotic Pavilion Champion’s Medal Amulet.

NOTE: If you are looking only for the eligible achievements for this mastery achievement and not interested in getting them all, I will mark them on this guide with a Star ⭐ next to its name.

Besides the collection, this exotic trinket can be used to obtain an exclusive skin through the Mystic Forge with the following recipe:

    • 1
    • 5
    • 5
    • 10

NOTE: If you destroyed the trinket you can buy a new copy from Sarettokk at The Undermarket – [&BCgEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch

Clockwork Chaos Completionist (Old Mastery)

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete 17 eligible achievements. The rewards for this are 50AP and an Infinite Watchknight Tonic.

Story Completion Achievements

The Opening Ceremony – 1AP

Complete the story chapter The Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony Attendee – 5AP (Hidden)

Attend the Opening Ceremony story instance.

The Queen’s Address – 1AP

Complete the story chapter The Queen’s Address.

Closing Ceremony Attendee – 5AP

Attend the Closing Ceremony at the Crown Pavilion.

Clockwork Invasion – 1AP

Complete the story chapter Clockwork Invasion.

(Check Emissary Vorpp achievements below)

Scarlet’s Playhouse – 1AP

Complete the story chapter Scarlet’s Playhouse.

Defender of the Crown – 10AP

Confront and defeat Scarlet in Scarlet’s Playhouse.

Picking Up the Pieces – 1AP

Complete the story chapter Picking Up the Pieces.

Story Instance Achievements

Investigative Study 3 – 1AP
Story Instances: Opening Ceremony – Scarlet’s Playhouse – Picking Up the Pieces

During the “Clockwork Chaos” storyline, find and read sources of information on the watchknights.

  • Letter to the Queen (Opening Ceremony)
    • Behind Jenna’s chair

  • Scarlet’s Book of Poetry: Volume 1 (Scarlet’s Playhouse)
    • In the west corner of the centaur area, the northwestern spoke.

  • Scarlet’s Book of Poetry: Volume 2 (Scarlet’s Playhouse)
    • In a hut inside the southeast corner of the pirate area, western spoke.

  • Scarlet’s Book of Poetry: Volume 3 (Scarlet’s Playhouse)
    • In the west corner of the destroyer area, southwestern spoke.

  • Woes of an Aetherblade (Scarlet’s Playhouse)
    • In the ogres area above the southeastern spoke, next to chest number 2 of “Spoils of Chaos”

  • Dectective’s Scribbled Notes (Picking Up the Pieces)
  • Mysterious Letter Addressed to Anise (Picking Up the Pieces)
  • Records from the Arcane Council (Picking Up the Pieces)
    • All three on the table behind Logan

Kryta’s Finest – 1AP
Story Instance: Opening Ceremony

Cheer for Logan after he claims victory in the arena. Use the emote /cheer as soon as Logan wins his fight.

Deft Defusing – 3AP ⭐
Story Instance: Closing Ceremony

Disarm four bombs within the challenge time limit. The timer is 3 minutes so you need to move fast and destroy the four bombs, make sure to have enough mobility for this, check the video below to see how I did it with Thief.

Raced to the Rescue – 10AP
Story Instance: Scarlet’s Playhouse

Save Lord Faren within first 3 minutes of Scarlet’s Playhouse. Defeat the enemies and quickly grab an extinguisher from around the room. Use it towards the fire where Faren is being held captive, after you do it another group of enemies will spawn, kill them and repeat until Faren is safe.

The Higher Road – 3AP
Story Instance: Scarlet’s Playhouse

Avoid engaging in combat while navigating the centaur maze. This achievement can be tricky but there is no time limit so you can take your time and do it very safely. The main goal is to avoid getting in combat, so you can’t get hit nor attack the enemies. You can wait until the group crosses or you can rush with speed and evades. Of course stealth is very effective as well. Check the video below to see how I did it with Thief.

Playhouse Perfectionist – 15AP
Story Instance: Scarlet’s Playhouse

Finish Scarlet’s Playhouse without dying. First make sure that you are using a good build from HERE to minimize the risk of dying. During the different phases of the Scarlet fight you should pay attention to every orange/red circle but mostly to the following mechanics that you can visualize on the screenshots below.

  • Cannons
  • Reflects
  • Hammer Smash
  • Watchwork Copter
  • Lava Fields
  • Shockwaves (only jump)

Spoils of Chaos – 3AP
Story Instance: Scarlet’s Playhouse

Find hidden chests to aggravate the playhouse’s master. There are 5 chests and you can get them all after the instance is completed.

  • Chest 1
    • Flame Legion area, south corner of northeastern spoke.

  • Chest 2
    • Ogre area, next to the page of “Investigative Study”

  • Chest 3
    • Destroyer area, north corner of the southwestern spoke. This is easier to access by jumping down from the center.

  • Chest 4
    • Pirate area, northwest corner of western spoke, in a ship that can be jumped onto from the ramp with a little speed.

  • Chest 5
    • Flame Legion area, north corner of the northeastern spoke. This is easier to access by jumping down from the outer ring.

Investigative Record 1 – 1AP
Story Instance: Scarlet’s Playhouse

Find and listen to hidden logs from the source of the chaos.

  • Recording 1
    • Bandit area eastern spoke, in the top of the treehouse

  • Recording 2
    • In the center, behind the Queen’s chair

Soft Lander – 5AP
Story Instance: Scarlet’s Playhouse

Survive jumping from the upper arena ring into a hay pile. From the center take the path all the way to south and head to the ramp above the ogre area. Jump down all the way and land on the pile of hay to earn the achievement.

Map Achievements

Guarding the Fields – 3AP

For this achievement you can complete ANY event on the map, a total of 10, they don’t need to be related to portal invasions but cannot be hero points.

Guarding the Fields 2 – 3AP

Same as above but a total of 15 events this time.

Daily Portal Closer – 0AP

Complete a Scarlet’s Portal Invasion that occurs every 2 hours in Gendarran Fields (odd hours UTC)

Several red sword icons will show up on the map indicating where the portal invasions spawn, use the waypoints around to respond quickly and get credit.

Portal Closer – 10AP

Complete a total of 5 Portal Invasion events in Gendarran Fields.

Was a Watchknight – 5AP

Complete a portal invasion event while disguised as a watchknight.

You can use the obtained from the old mastery achievement “Clockwork Chaos Completionist” or will work too.

Molten Invader Menace – 5AP

Defeat a Molten Alliance champion during a portal invasion.

Bane of Invading Captains – 5AP

Defeat a Champion Aetherblade Captain during a portal invasion.

Watchwork Nightmare Wrecker – 5AP

Defeat a Champion Twisted Nightmare during one of Scarlet’s portal invasions in Gendarran Fields.

Indiscriminate Adversary – 10AP

Defeat a boss from each of Scarlet’s armies during her portal invasions.

Friend of Fire and Frost – 10AP

Completely stop a total of 2 of Scarlet’s portal attacks in Gendarran Fields.

Swift Closer – 10AP

Help to end one of Scarlet’s invasions of Gendarran Fields in under 10 minutes total.

Worldwide Invasion Responder – 15AP

Completely stop a total of 7 of Scarlet’s portal attacks in Gendarran Fields.

Invasion Canceler – 25AP

Completely stop a total of 13 of Scarlet’s portal attacks in Gendarran Fields.

Extra Achievements

Scarlet Scrambler – 5AP

Open a Gift from Scarlet. When you finish the story you will get a mail with the gift, simply double click it from your inventory to earn the achievement.

Seeking Scarlet: Twilight Arbor Aetherpath – 3AP

Complete the Aetherpath of Twilight Arbor after completing the “Clockwork Chaos” episode.

Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant

Emissary Vorpp’s Field Assistant – 5AP

Complete all of the achievements necessary to recreate one of Scarlet’s portals. These achievements are now obtainable as part of the story step “Clockwork Invasion”.

First Portal Invasion Responder – 1AP

Find the site of the first portal invasion in Gendarran Fields.

Invasion Witness Interviewer – 1AP

Find the witness to the first invasion in Ascalon Settlement.

Portal Component Procurer – 1AP

Retrieve the three components Emissary Vorpp needs to construct a portal from Scarlet’s downed champions.

Portal Invasion Closer – 1AP

Respond to five of Scarlet’s portal invasion and be there when each one ends.

Teleportation Facilitator – 1AP

Help Emissary Vorpp build his portal device.


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