End of Dragons Act 4 Story Achievements Guide

GW2. End of Dragons. Story Achievements Act 4. Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide.

End of Dragons: Act 4 Mastery – 15AP – 1MP

This is the meta-achievement, you need to complete 15 of 16 eligible achievements.

Story Completion Achievements – 2AP – 2MP

In the Name of the Law – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “In the Name of the Law”

Weight of the World – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “Weight of the World”

Story Instance Achievements – 15AP

In the Name of the Law

Boat Tour for Two – 1AP

While you are on the skiff with Rama after planting the devices, don’t return to the docks yet, instead check on the map and you will notice 4 icons (white dialogue icon), go to those locations with Rama and you will progress the achievement.

Objection! – 1AP

During the meeting with Minister Li, wait until Yama mentions the evidence and then press F to show it.

Resolute – 1AP

Defeat Minister Li without being downed. Mostly be aware of the sniper attack (you can prevent if you break her bar, reflect. or dodge it) and the laser from the jade golem (just dodge out of the orange area).

Fascist Flattener – 1AP

Defeat Minister Li under 7 minutes. The timer is very tight so I strongly suggest doing this achievement in a party. Still if you want to do it solo it’s possible and here are some tips:

  • Precast buffs while the dialogue finishes
  • Always stand behind the boss
  • Try to group up the trio of enemies and cleave them together, at least two of them
  • Bring CC to prevent the sniper from going to the roof, and if you fail, dodge the sniper shot
  • Use a sustainable but high DPS build, check here if you want to solo: LINK

Kaineng Unmade – 1AP

Find 5 instabilities in New Kaineng. These are manifestations of void magic, you will progress the achievement as soon as you walk into the spot, check the locations below.

Weight of the World

Guilt by Association – 1AP

While this chapter is active, head to the Seitung Prison and talk with Myrun Skialkin to earn this achievement.

A Woman of Culture – 1AP

Find all the readable books in Joon’s mansion. There are 6 to interact with, you will find most of them by just progressing the instance, but pay attention to number 2 because after pulling the lever you can’t access it anymore. Check the video below to see all the locations:

NOTE: Check the achievement below “Munchies” to do at same time before the book number 2.

Munchies – 1AP

As soon as you get inside the left wing, pull the lever just once and then approach the table to try the food to get this achievement, be aware that once you pull the lever again you won’t be able to get it and will need to restart the instance.

Show Stopper – 1AP

At the end of the left wing you will reach the back room with a bunch of mech arms, destroy all of them to earn this achievement.

NOTE: Consider using a ranged weapon to destroy them from the game so you don’t get hit by the shockwave if you are going for the “Laser Show-Off” achievement.

Laser Show-Off – 1AP

For this achievement you need to avoid being hit by lasers or shockwaves until you reach the workshop. There is only one shockwave turret in the back room and a bunch of lasers that you need to use to overload the shields.

Almost Clever – 1AP (Hidden)

At the second floor in the left wing you can access Joon’s console. Don’t destroy the Secured Core yet, interact with the console and try to guess what is the password by using Joon’s daugther name:

  1. S
  2. U
  3. N
  4. G

NOTE: This achievement is mutually exclusive with “Data Breach” the console only accepts one entry.

Data Breach – 1AP

At Joon’s console input the correct password that you can find from “Lost Password” achievement in Act 2 to access the files.

  • Q
  • 2
  • D
  • !

NOTE: This achievement is mutually exclusive with “Almost Clever” since the console only accepts one entry.

Family Values – 1AP (Hidden)

Right before activating the stairs to go into the workshop, use the jade charges to open the secret door in the dining room, get inside to meet Joon’s family and get this achievement.

The System Is Down – 1AP

Take out Joon’s final defenses in the alloted time. Clear the encounter under 7 minutes.

Laser Light Footed – 1AP

Make it through the defenses without being hit by laser or shock-wave turrets. This achievement can take a while until you learn the positioning of the lasers. You can dodge or jump the shockwaves, and you can also use the Jade Bot to pull the levers on the first part with shockwaves, but the lasers are needed to break enemy shields and that can be tricky.


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